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    Hello all, My name is Tabitha, but everyone just calls me Tabby. I am the fiance of KiteKyte. I decided to join ADISC in order to make some friends and in order to discuss relationship help with other couples. I am accepting of a fetishes including ABDL. I found out through taking with my fiance that I am also partially incontinent myself.

    Aside from the above I like Star Wars, Video Games, Dr Who, Star Trek, music and art.

    Feel free to PM me or post a visitors message.

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    Hello, welcome to Adisc; it is always cool for people to have with them on the site close associates: friends, parents, and especially fiancees. I went to an abdl camp this hear and a guy (an ab) brought his wife... who isn't in the fetish/lifestyle herself, but supports him in in it; and a very good wife she is too. It reminded me of a couple I know who are of different faiths (Catholic, Buddhist) and they got on fine, and honoured and respected each other's faiths... I babysat their kids (who turned out great.) However diapers relate to you it's wonderful you are there for Kitekyte. I am off to irc to see you there!

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