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Thread: I am a Newbie here

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    Smile I am a Newbie here

    Hello Everyone, I am a total goof and love to laugh. I am very easy going and friendly. I am currently not working due to health problems. I was going to school for my nursing degree but that is also on hold. I am currently sewing stuffed animals and dolls to make some extra cash.

    I came here to meet others who have incontinence and also am interested in regression. I started wearing diapers out of need and from that stemmed my interest in regression

    I am a major bookworm! I love all types of books from Jane Austin to Science Fiction. I love music! Some of my favorites are Celtic Thunder, The Beatles, and Matthew Morrison, The Beach Boys and many many more. I love to watch movies and TV. My current favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera. TV shows are probaly Fringe, Glee, Grey's Anatomy.

    I came to this site to meet people. I am looking for support and to find others to talk to about anything and everything. I do not get much support from my family so I thought I would try this site. So feel free to chat or what ever.

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    Hi You,

    Hope you find what you want from this site, I most certainly have, and would be great to talk to you.

    M x

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    That is my pleasure, and i am a little concerned about the lack of support your family show you. So maybe we can offer the support you need.

    M x

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    Default Support

    We come from all paths, we are unique individuals with a special side to ourselves that needs to be fulfilled,, and there's some magic in that, thank you for sharing your thoughts and interests, I am here if you need support.

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    I like you already! Hi welcome to ADISC. When you say phantom of the opra you do you mean the onethat starts out all black and white then goes to colour when the guy relives the memories?

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    Hi binkygirl, and welcome. I also started as incontinent, with dribbling issues since I was a kid. Glad to see you here - someone who's thoughtful and literate! I hope you find this site welcoming and helpful. I love musicals, too! What's your favorite?

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    Welcome binkygirl. Hope you enjoy your time here at ADISC!

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    Welcome =]

    Your post talked about incontinence and regression and needing support with that. I am not incontinent, however i do have little bit of knowledge about regression. So feel free to chat. I am also into a lot of books and music, so we can chat about that as well.

    Welcome again, and hopefully you can get all the support you need.

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    Hi Binkygirl,

    Welcome! So, you like books and music? I do too. I like a lot of the artists you mentioned and studied English in college. I can definitely relate on that level with an interest in literature. Very nice to meet you!

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