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Thread: A horrid day..

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    Default A horrid day..

    I just lost my job, car, girlfriend/mommy and income...i feel like crap...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Sorry to hear that. Hope today is better.
    The bar isn't very high after a day like that.

    To the OP: that's pretty awful. Were these things related, aside from them all happening to you?

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    O.O what happened? I hope something to make it bearable has happened in the last couple days at least. *hug*

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    hey man cheer up this just means everthing gets better from here.

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    nothing any of us can say will make you feel better. you know it and we know it, thats just the way things work. the only thing; and believe me from having experienced a lot of loss myself, that will do any good is time. I can tell you to try and stay positive, but thats such a broad and subject piece of advice that its truly of little use, but time does heal all. its the only thing that does. I can say, you are still alive, which means you have another day to start anew and be happy for life, but again, I know thats of little value, even when it should mean everything! my only real advice is the advice I give to everyone, as its the only advice I ever feel is appropriate to any situation. chase happiness. even if you are always chasing, at least its in sight, and besides, you never know when happiness will trip and fall and you catch it in a blaze of glory!

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