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    Hello everyone, Thought I would tell you all alittle bit about myself. I am 24 DL and Incon. I have been a DL for most of mylife I think from maybe 5 years old or so. Long story behind that too. I am about to leave the army due to injuries i sustained while deployed. another long story. I have been Incon for about a year now. Took some time getting used too wearing diapers full time instead of part time. Sometimes its fun, other times it isnt. Well hopefully i can get too know some of you all. I would write more but i need to go too bed, Flying to washington state tomorrow. Which will be intresting due to the fact its the first time flying/airport security/and what not since i got injured. Well Iam gonna be going now. Thanks for reading my post.

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    Thank you for serving our country! Sorry about your wounds, but atleast now you get to go home. Where were you stationed? Stay active, and keep posting!

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Welcome,and thank you for defending this country.We will probably never meet face-to-face,but for your service to the USA,I owe you much and I want you to know that I am thankful.Have fun here,and post often if you can.You must have lots of interesting things to relate.(Curtsey,with a salute)

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    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you would have some pretty intense stories. My uncle is in the US Navy and spent some months overseas back a few months ago. I hope you have a safe journey back and hope to see you around here.

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    well first off thank you all. I made it too seattle
    fine. was a short flight. But my bag got missplaced so finding a pharmacy was almost impossible. so iam using goodnites too get by the next few days. was all kmart had. Just glad iam small and can fit them. bad thing is changing often. hopefully they will have my bags soon. well its time for some sleep. sry if this post looks jacked up I am on my phone

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    Welcome to our site... though I'm not too fond of the military, I commend you for serving our country...


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