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Thread: best way to clean your self

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    Default best way to clean your self

    alright so my dad has been complaining that i stink due to wearing diapers tbh i dont smell

    i take showers with soap i scrub and scrub but the smell wont leave

    does any one have a secret way to hide or remove that smell :/

    edit :
    he smells usualy urine not poo i dont poop a diaper maybe once a blue moon

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    If you're washing properly then the smell of urine shouldn't linger that much. If yours has a really strong odour then it might be worth drinking more water to try and dilute it.

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    remove some of the hair down there, dispose of the diapers quickly, dilute your urine (drink more water), wash alot down there, and all over. all these ideas should help.

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    I'm getting rid of my hair down there for just this reason... It tends to absorb the urine / smells.

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    Try a bubble bath soak and add some essential oil. A few drops or orange or lime or lavender will help you relax and change you skin into a real clean feeling. End the bath with some lotion like Swiss Formula St.Ives Cucumber Melon with Vit E. It is a moisture therapy Lotion and comes in a lot of scents. It is cheap at the drug store.

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    well that up sets me i spent many years growing that hair o well it will give me more of a baby feel i guess but i will do wat ever it takes to get rid of the smell and report back here and let you guys know if it worked guess i will be shaving before my next bath

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaSS View Post
    ... i will be shaving before my next bath
    I recommend shaving towards the end of your bath. It makes the hair softer and easier to shave which in turn cuts down on rash/irritation/razorburn.


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    lol i look like a baby now :/ o well im already over it i smelled the hair after i bathed it really did stink i think it fixed the issue now im back at my keyboard in a diaper before i need to take my next bath lol :/

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