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Thread: The shower effect

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    Default The shower effect

    So I recently purchased another package of Depends with the tabs, and I remember a few people posting about showering in a diaper so I decided to try it, well kinda like it, instead I take a cup and fill it with Warmish water and pour it into my diaper, and boy does it swell up . Have any of u guys ever bathed in a diaper?

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    I took a shower in one once and it was a very funny feeling until I put too much pressure on it and it burst a bit. Between a bit of sap leaking out and some other things I ended up using some drain-o to free up my shower drain.

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    That happened to me too, except I tried walking (waddling) with an overfilled one and it burst, I was covered in sap :/

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    I very much enjoy putting warm water into disposable diapers. When I want a wet feeling and can't do it by myself, that's what I do. I have bathed in a diaper before, but it broke open and made a mess. Many disposables have a core that, when truly "full," is larger than the body of the diaper can handle. Hop into a tub with a Huggies Overnites diaper on, and you've basically set your diaper for self-destruct.

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    it fun but is a pain to clean up. te first time i ever tried it i loved it till i almost got caugth since then ive been afraid and rarely even doit for fear of gettin caught or the act or during clean up time

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    I've done this a few times. First time the tape tabs came undone due to the water and weight of the soaked diaper. The next couple times, I reinforced the tabs with duct tape (which is a little more water resistant than packing tape). The diaper stayed up, but was really heavy with water. Never burst, but then again I never squished it too hard or too fast to cause it to burst. After I was done, and had it bagged up in a small trash bag,,,,I couldn't believe how HEAVY a totally saturated diaper can be!!

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    a couple of years ago, i went swimming in a lake while wearing a bambino. It was fun waddling back to the camp site. I unfortunately went and sat down and the diaper exploded.

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    I've worn my diaper into the bath a couple of times, just to see what would happen. They swell up a lot and if you're not careful they can rupture and you'll end up with SAP everywhere (which is actually kind of funny to do on purpose as long as you do it somewhere that you can clean up and that won't block the drains).

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    I used to do it every once in a while. Loved the warm squishy bloated feeling of it all, but now there's hardly a moment when I've got the house to myself so I rarely get to do it anymore.

    The only one that ever burst open on me was the Bambino Bellissimo. The others I've tried it with were Wellness, Bambino Biancas, and Dry 24/7s. They all held up fine.

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