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Thread: I hate cam scams...

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    Default I hate cam scams...

    This irks me, I use Yahoo Messenger to keep in touch with friends of mine in both the AB world and in the real world and I run into the occasional 'cam girl' scam. Like I'm that fucking dumb. Really.

    It amazes me how dumb people can be. REALLY. Like someone who's as internet savvy as I am is going to click on a link to some webcam site or am I that desperate to get it off in front of my computer. HA! I love it, I love how dumb people are. Really.

    The sad thing in all this; there really are people that fall for these webcam scams and get taken for the proverbial financial ride. It's times like this I'm glad to be a paranoid sumbitch when it comes to my money.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has run across this before and if you can tell if it's a cam scam right off the bat by the name, behaviors of the chat and what have you.


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    Butterfly Mage


    I hate scams of all kind.

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    Yes occasionally I do have these types of windows pop up on my screen while browsing websites. If the chat window is open I usually type in some nerdy weird question like "What is your favorite Pokemon?" just to see what they will say. They almost always say "Pikachu" but only because I'm assuming that's the only pokemon they know. If they reply anything trying to get me to come on I say "that's gross" and exit.

    Ok my guess is that some of you think this is weird but I actually find it really funny.

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    Oh, yeah. It's weird. Nowadays I use Windows Live Messenger and Skype the most, but still, the little time I sped on Yahoo! Messenger I'm frequently added bysome of those cam scammers, and always wonder where the hell they got my Yahoo handle (I only used it for work related contacts). I suppose they probably get it from some kind of Yahoo directory.

    Most of them are robots, pre-programmed scripts. Depending on keywords you'll input, they'll repeat the same answer over and over again, in addition to trying to convince you to check their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I hate scams of all kind.
    this, this, and more this.

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    I get those all the time, or at least I did. I'm not quite sure where they got my screen name, but now that they have it I get several per day. Getting a lot of them, I found out that they're completely automated. See, these are not actual people, but spam bots scripted to try and entice you into visiting a website (the guys running the show get paid for promoting dating websites). When you reply to one of these messages, it gets fed into a program that says they're "typing" for a few seconds then sends an automatic reply. After a set number of replies, they will always send a link to a pre-configured dating website. I think they usually get people's screen names from your friends, when their computer gets infected with the right virus, much like how e-mail viruses spread.

    Now, why is this important? There are a couple of free programs which are compatible with almost every instant message/chat program out there (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, MySpace, IRC -- sorry, no Skype), and have anti-spam plug-ins that grind these types of nuisances to a halt. I am speaking from experience. For Pidgin (Windows, Linux), there is Bot Sentry, and for Adium (Mac) there is ChallengeResponse. I think there was another program that had this, but I don't remember the name. The way they work is you enter a pre-configured question (e.g. "Who was the first U.S. President?") and answer ("George Washington"). When enabled, anybody who sends you a message will be automatically asked this question, along with an explanation of why (e.g. "Bot Sentry engaged - you are now being ignored. Please answer the following question in the next 5 minutes to prove you are a human, and your message will be sent: QUESTION_FILLED_IN_HERE"); until they answer correctly, you won't see anything. When they answer correctly, the original message comes up on your screen as if nothing happened, and the conversation continues as normal. Anybody in your buddy list is automatically excluded from this, as well as anybody in a separate whitelist in the program's configuration (which by default anybody is automatically added to when they answer correctly).

    I installed Bot Sentry for Pidgin, and immediately quit seeing them. I didn't see even one more until one day at work, where we run an all-Mac network, I logged in with Adium (no Bot Sentry). I installed ChallengeResponse, and that was the end of that; I haven't seen a single cam scam since. You see, there is no person behind the messages, so when you have a question they don't have a matching answer to the message gets dropped and you never get the spam. I haven't seen one of these since that last time I signed into Adium without ChallengeResponse, and I'm quite happy that way.

    Unfortunately, once they have your screen name, they're going to keep spamming you from different accounts, forever. There is no way to stop them, only to suppress the annoyances. I think they also falsely record your first automated response to everything from Bot Sentry as potential interest, which means they will send you more and more, and will get bombarded whenever you sign in without such programs (not like they were going to stop anyway), but as long as you're running it you won't see a single cam scam, or any spammy instant message for that matter. So, if anybody else is sick of this nonsense, you might want to give one of these programs a try.

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    Scams irk me, as well. (Note to self: Use irk more often, as it is a phenomenal word.)

    As much as they irk me, they also fascinate me, and sometimes scare me. Generally, I get ads and ads that generally are scams that are based around my likes and locations. (ie. I'm some sort of winner in London, etc.) How they get a hold of this information is probably interesting, but again, kinda scares the crap out of me.

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    for the robots, pre-programmed scripts i like to ask the same question three times and if i get the same answer i just leave. That weeds out some of the the chatbots.

    The others usually fall to "What is your sign"

    What is really fun is setting up to have two chatbotS talking to each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anned View Post
    What is really fun is setting up to have two chatbotS talking to each other.
    oh that is too cool - i wish i had the tech savvy to do that! I too hate scammers of all kinds, they are among the very dregs of the universe - filthy bottom feeding scum suckers.....not , you that know that really have an opinion......

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    Oh I agree with all the sentiments! I just hate how I get these random people that want to add me on Yahoo and it is most times some webcam scam trying to get me to click a link to view a webcam. Like I'm that desperate for sex anyway. It's funny really that these bottom-feeders of the online world think they can get away with it all.


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