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Thread: 3 styles of goodnights

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    Default 3 styles of goodnights

    I may be the only one not to know this so sorry if I'm bringing up old news.

    I was searching on the drynites website to see what the new designes looked like and just for the hell of it I clicked on the Netherlands on the country selet menu. I then clicked on the product tab only to discove they have 3 weight ranges in the Netherlands


    This also seams to be the case for several other europan nations

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    In the 90 went the three sizes

    Or something like that??

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    in the 90's in the use it was the 45 to 65 bls, then 65+ bls one then later on they introduced the 85+ bls ones, then later one they combined the large with the xl ones, so we in the us are back to the 45 to 65 and 65+ again.

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