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Thread: New Electronic Diaper

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    Default New Electronic Diaper

    Fewer diaper changes with this nice new electronic diaper.
    At the Eco-Products trade show in Tokyo the future of diapers was shown.
    The pad has a pocket for you know what. It is only for men. An electronic wire sensor is connected and a suction tube is hooked up to a bedside vacume with a tank.
    When the diaper detects urine the vacume starts up and shuts off when the diaper becomes dry.
    I am looking forward to trying out this new diaper.

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    that sounds intresting but more of a novelty lol not like an E Cig

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    Good alternative to a catheter, for bed ridden patients, but I. Wouldn't use it.

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    I saw that over at DD, and I'll say what I said there- better than a cath. I never liked catheters and find them painful so that could be helpful for people like me who can't stand catheters.


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    I agree with the 2 posts above mine, it would be good for people who use catheters, but I wouldn't use it

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    Electronic diaper? If it doesn't have the right protection on it, you could be in for a heck of a shock in a bad place.

    I'll stick with my standard diapers for now, thank you.

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    I could imagine wetting, then getting shocked xD

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    Hey! You tripped over my diaper cord!

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    LOL, TeenageToddler, you just made my day.

    Anyway, won't that make wearing to school harder than it already is?

    Friend: "Hey, what's that noise?"

    Me: "Oh, that's just my new electronic diaper stomach."

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