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    A few years ago a marketing research company called me to test a new diaper. I received a case of several different kinds briefs with tabs. Each diaper had a report on how much wetting occured. All diapers had to be returned at the end of the week. It was a paid deal and I want to do it again.
    Any ideas?

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    Care to elaborate on how you were approached? Did you participate in market research before this time? Do you know how they acquired your personal information to make a phone call? Research like that generally involves knowing about your personal history, which they could have gotten a hold of any number of ways.

    Did you order diapers online, or in anyway that would involve a credit card? Was it the same company you ordered from, or was it a supplier that doesn't have qualms about selling your info?

    As to answer your question, you could always send inquiries to places like Kimberly Clark and Proctor and Gamble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    All diapers had to be returned at the end of the week.
    Used ones too? Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    Used ones too? Why?
    Maybe to see how the hold up after being used.

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    A marketing Research company screened me and I qualified for the diaper testing research. The company had a high end diaper with a different design that you would not find in the market place. They did not want the secret design to get out. That is why all wet and unused diapers were returned. I had to sign confidential papers that I would not tell about the design.

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    I've worked in a market research company and I've participated in their studies. I know how they work for the most part. And unless you used the diapers on site, there's no way anyone in ask you to carry used diapers into a building, which I assume the market research company shared with other businesses.

    Unused ones yes, but your story is leaning into questionable.

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    Well you do not know confidentially with the biggest market research firm in town. They operate out of the Federal Building. Wet diapers were returned. Believe what ever you want. All diapers had to be accounted for.

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    I've always wanted to do that. It's been a silly dream of mine to test adult diapers, try different brands, take notes, and discuss the products in a test group. That would be wonderful.

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    They may operate out of a federal building but a market research company is a civilian organization. In the case of diaper usage, maybe the Hippa act would apply since adult diapers are generally considered a medical need.

    How did they expect you to bring the diapers back? I assume they provided you with a sealed container?

    The thing is, in most facilities where diapers are used, the used ones are kept safely contained to prevent infection or contagion from spreading and making everyone sick. So I'm just questioning the used part because it's not very sanitary or healthy for the population at large.

    You don't need to be defensive. But it is a legitimate question.

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    They provided large black plastic bags.

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