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Thread: Second Diaper trip-first purchase

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    Cool Second Diaper trip-first purchase

    What's with the title? Is it confusing? Well, here's what happened.

    Yesterday I had around $18 and went to the mall with my friend and her mom. We had a blast! My friends got me a Kingdom Hearts shirt and a Sonic shirt. I was doing fine until I got to Hopptopic. I couldn't resist the bows and a Gir pin. So, I ended up spending half and by the time I made my way to Walgreens the "Certainty" diapers were $11.99 and the Goodnites were $10.99.

    It was the same thing at Kmart. I had walked 2 miles from my friends house in the freezing cold only wearing a jacket (in the 20 degrees...I know, smart right?) to being so close to the prizes, but not enough to buy either. Later at home, I was sitting in the livingroom with my mom. I was talking to myself in my mind about how I'm running out the Goodnites and I'd have to face the facts and not wear them for a while (which could be weeks) until I get a proper job. I mean, no one but my friends knows about the diapers and such.

    Suddenly, my mom hands me $7. I looked surprised. I looked at her and asked her-"Wh-what's this for?" "Oh, don't you remember? You helped me clean the guest room for when family was coming over and I forgot to pay you." I was calm on the outside, but on the inside I was doing backflips. Haha! Now, I can go get them. Though, which ones? Goodnites or Certainty?

    I live in a quiet house. (Sorry, it's so long.)

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    Hello Littlestar
    From those two I would go with the Certainty brand. Also not that amazing, but they hold more than goodnites and feel nicer IMO. If you are just looking for some sneaky diapers to wear and be sure nobody notices, and not necessarily wanting to wet much, then the goodnites are more than fine.
    Either way, happy diapering

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    I just got back from buying Goodnites and I wasn't nervous at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleStar View Post
    I just got back from buying Goodnites and I wasn't nervous at all.
    I'd be nervous D: too shy and stuff to buy in person .-.

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    It sucks when you go on a diaper run and can't get any. Yesterday for the first time ever, i got the nerve to go to town and buy some. I know that store carries goodnights but when i got there there weren't any on sale.

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    i made a run as well tbh i dont like the cernatiys but o well there diapers and yesterday was my first time i bought them so ya next time i will be buying them online i will probly get abu cushies

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    Going to have to vote Certainty.

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