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Thread: How Do You Count The Months?

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    Default How Do You Count The Months?

    Just something rather trivial that I've been thinking about recently. When you tell someone that you you have been doing something for so many months, which method do you use to count them? There is actually two, a technical and a general method. The technical method is to go from date to date on the calender and the general method is to just count off with the names of the months that you have been doing something in. Sometimes they give different results.

    Here is the example that got me thinking of this. I started wearing diapers regularly the last week in September. I don't remember the exact date but lets say the 28th. Using the technical method I would go September 28th to October 28th, 1 ,October 28 to November 28th, 2 , November 28th to December 28, 3, and stop right there because we have not reached January 28th yet. So the technical answer would be three months. But if I use the general method I would go September, 1, October, 2, November, 3, December, 4, January, 5, so it would be five months. I consider both answers to be true because while I have been wearing regularly for 3 months I have also been wearing regularly in 5 different months.

    So which method do you use to count the months? Also do you think someone is being false and exaggerating a bit if they use the general method?

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    I use terms like
    Within the week
    Within six months

    No, within six months.


    Old men are the future.

    I don't really care if someone's lying about it by 29 days. Months aren't like years where it makes a big difference.

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    I use the technical method. Never thought much about the why, but it's just how my mind works. Also, it's more accurate :P

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    I suppose I go technical but I usually count by half months and weeks.

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