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Thread: Hello. I'm new here.

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    Default Hello. I'm new here.

    Hi, I'm molly. I'm a furry, and I've been in diapers for the last two weeks. I'm shy at first, but if you get to know me I can talk at you... or to you... or with you, for hours and hours. I'm a computer engineering student, but I have a passion for art and music. I play a lot of video games... pretty standard nerd. I'm here because I'm interested in getting into the community, but I'm new so please go easy on me. ^.^

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    Welcome, what sort of games are you into?

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    I am hopelessly hopelessly addicted to Starcraft II. I'm into almost any kind of real-time-strategy or first-person-shooters. I also found out recently that I'm good at chess.

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    Like a good game of chess, but I fail at Strategy games, still bought starcraft2 just for the campaign, Blizzard for the win.

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