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    I want to introduce myself. I hope you don't mind keeping my real name anonymous but I almost always do on blogs and game sites out of precaution for identity theft, but most especially this site since I would prefer to do everything I reasonably can to ... stay in the closet ..., so to speak, if you know what I mean. I'm sure other readers on this site can understand as well. In my life, my wife is the only one who knows I am an ABDL and I'm not ready to tell my family, If I ever will be ready. You can call me by my login name "HokieABDL" if you please don't mind.

    I am a married, childless, heterosexual 39-year-old engineering professional living in a small city in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech, hence the login name, if you know that people from VT are called "Hokies."

    I know that I have been a DL at least from the age of 3 or 4 on up, and as a teenager, I came to discover I had some AB fantasies as well (I guess technically, though, it would be called, "TB"). I had had a few diaper experiments as a teenager and occasionally practice DL activities today as an adult. However, I have always been consistent and frequent in fantasizing DL, as I always have needed it to be aroused.

    I never researched my condition until earlier this week when I looked for it on, and found a link very informative site called "" and was in awe seeing I was in no way alone. Now, for a long time I suspected I was probably not alone but ... it's a whole other experience that you can actually know people and read their testimonials and identify with them almost to the letter! It was shocking seeing so similar the stories were to mine. I was always afraid of searching for my fetish condition up until that time.

    I am a saved Christian, and have for a long time accepted my fetish and believed it is not incompatible with Christianity, if you don't mind me talking about religion in my first post . I just thought I was cursed with a sexual defect I should live with and just don't let it interfere with my Spiritual Walk. To clarify, I will not judge anyone online because of religious views, knowing that there are people from all over the world on this site. However, I want to say that reading the Understanding Infantilism site made me feel like the Holy Spirit was telling me that God did not give this to me as a curse, but much more likely as a gift from Him! ... and that we are all "fearfully and wonderfully made!" He gave me a blessed wife with an understanding mind as well!

    I know I probably elaborated more than I should on an intro post and I apologize if I have. I have no intention of writing my biography on this site but I need to write about the above to let you all what this site means to me. I am hoping, by joining, for a little advise on things here and there, but my main motivation is because of the support I really believe you all can provide me. I won't treat you as a "group therapy" session or anything but it is so comforting to be with people with whom I understand and identify.

    My other interests are Zynga games on Facebook, and reading sci-fi magazines. I have been involved with an online card game similar to Yu Gi Oh in the past. I am a fan of College Football (American) and have dreams of having children, Lord willing.

    Thank you so much for your attention,

    My name is HokieABDL and I am an ABDL.

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    Okay, that's one of the best introduction thread's I've ever seen on ADISC. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in. Feel free to ask anything; there's a lot of wisdom available in the archives and members of this site.

    The "I'm the only one" to "Hmmm, billions of people on the planet, there must be one or two more people like me" to "WOW there are tens of thousands of ABs and DLs on the 'net!" progression is very common. When I was five I knew I liked diapers, but there was no Internet to speak of, so I spent many years thinking I was the only one. Then one day circa 1994 I stumbled upon a USENET group called, and suddenly realized there were dozens, if not hundreds of people with a similar unusual interest. Now I know the number is a couple of orders of magnitude greater!

    Anyway, cheers from a fellow engineer. Stay dry and happy!

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