Well I am a pretty average guy for the most part. I am a student at a local community college (hopefully I will be able to transfer to a University) and on the side (or maybe even in the forefront) I am in a band and hope to be able to turn that into a career. I am very outgoing and love to laugh and meet new people.

As for my AB/DL side, I got into diapers when I was in middle school after a childhood in which accidents and especially diapers fascinated me. As I grew older it sort of naturally turned into a kink. While I went through a binge and purge cycle earlier in life I am now very stable and I am extremely happy with who I am and love the AB/DL lifestyle and (hopefully) the community.

Well as you can imagine, a guy in a band loves music... I am into everything in the spectrum from prog to metal to rock and various random things outside of that (i.e. Eminem, Snoop Dogg, chromeo... no I don't know how i got into those). Other than music I am very much into basketball - thank god the lockout is over - and soccer (I am not very competitive and hate cockiness/smugness so I also don't know why I enjoy that either :P). When I am at home I tend to play video games and am somewhat of a gamer, albeit a shitty one.

I really hope to meet like minded people on this site that also happen to be AB/DL and maybe meet in person one day.