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    Hello, I guess everyone can call me Drezzin ^^

    I've been to this site a few times for information and experiences etc. I figured it's time to join so I can finally put some of my *Other Side* out there.
    I guess i'm a AB, DL

    I really like Fantasy novels (Song of Ice and Fire, Sword of Truth series etc.) and computer games (single player mainly, Skyrim, Fallout)

    Joining for some support and once again finally talk to people about my little thing.

    Well, Thanks for Viewing.

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    nice to meet you drezzin Im sure you are really going to enjoy being a member of the adisc community. Everyone is real friendly and eager to help you with most any question you might have. I myself also enjoy a good read and am a total gamer (btw fallout is way better than skyrim )

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    Fallout is better, i'm still spending time on New Vegas =)

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    Welcome Drezzin! I myself am new so its nice to meet you! With everyone talking about fallout... Is it just me or is New Vegas a HUGE step down from 3?

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    I'd say It starts a lot slower, wouldn't say it's a HUGE stepdown though. You've still got heaps of things to do and the action keeps me entertained.

    Really I just like the series as a whole, especially with the DLC's

    Thanks for the welcome =)

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