Hello everyone,

I am a very outgoing, sensitive person, and i fight for the things i believe in. I like to help people whenever possible, and I wont let bullying go unnoticed.
I am a big into the music, with mostly dub step, but i am open to listen to anything. I also like to write poetry, although i haven't written in a while. I like to work on electronics, and i have started creating my own game (not sure how its going to go though) and i am an avid gamer (Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Dead Island, etc.).

I am more of a DL, with a good amount of TB, and although i have been a DL most of my life, i am new to being open about it, so i am hoping this site will help me accept myself for who i am.

OH, I also like to draw (again, haven't drawn in a while), i seem to be losing touch with my imagination. I'm a speed demon, love to take my long board down the steep hills and around the curves.

P.S. I get off topic a lot and usually have problems writing down my ideas (this whole post took over an hour to write, and i still don't feel like its right) but that makes life more interesting right?