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    Default Please help me!

    Pretty much the only time I can buy diapers are when I am spending time with my dad like I am doing this weekend. Well, packing for the trip I forgot my wallet and now have no way to buy them. I need to know what I can do or say to get any money. I need just around 10 bucks to get something like depends.

    Any advice you have is appreciated.

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    well, if you're dad trusts you, you could always ask him to front you 'spending money'. Tell him you will send him the $10 back in the mail once you are back at your mother's place. Or, if you have a friend you can borrow off of and pay them back later.

    I have friends that I borrow off of, and that borrow off me,,,,no big deal.

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    Yah but I was just wondering if there was anything else I could do or say besides just asking him for 10 dollars. I also think he would be suspicious.

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    Maybe you could do somthing for the money? Its winter time depending were you live shovelling snow might be a good way to get a few bucks.

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