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Thread: Little girl from Germany

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    Default Little girl from Germany


    first of all I want to excuse myself for my horrible english. As it’s not my mother tongue you will find several grammatical and “semantic” errors. I tried my best to avoid them but I think I failed at severals points of the introduction. Sorry.

    I study Geoecology in Germany. It’s something between geoscience and biology. But I’m not quite sure if will finish this course of studies as I’m quite bad at it and don’t know if this is the one thing I would like to do as a job.

    Well my place in the german “diaper-scene”(is that the right term or is diaper-community better?) is quite more clear than what I want to do as a job.
    From the beginning of 2007 to the end of 2008 I hosted a monthly munch in the West of Germany. This was 3 years after my registration in a german community and a year after I first met people who were “like me”. I always knew that I liked diapers and that I liked to be little. As a kid I never thought about feeling strange because of this. This changed when I got 14 years old. I wanted the world to like me the way I was to make it easier for me to like myself - being a teenager is complicated. Right now I’m fine with my fetish but struggle with some bad childhood memories and the question why my bladder isn’t working the way it should and why nobody recognized that a child with wet pants on highly frequency is something a doctor should have a look at.

    I joined this community because I’m interested in the different aspects of the fetish and the communication in communities and on meetings in other countries. Where are the differences and what is similar to the communication about it in Germany?!

    My hobbies are photography and rescuing stuffed animals from the cold and loveless stores. I also like to play on my 3ds and listening to music.
    Another pretty big hobby of me are theme-parks. I visited several ones in Germany, the Netherlands and France and I look forward to visit the USA and England to see other great parks and attractions. Especially the Disney theme-parks in the USA are on my “to-visit-list”.

    So I hope I could tell you some things about me and it wasn’t too hard for you to read my introduction.


    *I always say “hoi” instead of “hi” because it sounds cute.

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    'Ello from the other side of the world, Ank. Hope to see you stick around to this fine patch of internet for a while. :P


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    You're English, in terms of writing, is actually a lot better than that of many people who I know. I kind of want to visit Germany someday, I've known many exchange students from there and I love German Opera. Anyways, welcome to the community I hope you like it here .

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    Hi! You should cut yourself some slack! Your English is good! The only grammatical error I recall is apostrophes when you used words like "don't". It's a better than a lot of native speakers that I know both personally and on the Internet.

    Anyways, welcome to the site! I hope you like it here!

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    Welcome to ADISC don't worry you did very well with your introduction. You have raised some questions for me though. You asked if the american "Diaper-scene" is different from the German one is. I honestly don't know what the German Diaper-scene is like so if you would kindly explain that would be much appreciated. Also what do you like most about amusement parks?

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    Thanks for all the great greetings. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun in this community.

    To GoofyBenjamin: It was more a question to myself which I want to answer during my stay in this community. I think it's pretty interesting how different a fetish is in different countries.

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    Glueck Auf!

    .. and welcome to ADISC. I'm a bit sorry to hear that you don't want to stick with your course of study. Probably you should switch to full-on geology, nothing better than that. And you have to chance to see some of the most awesome and beautiful places in the world, which combines well with photography as a hobby.

    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it here,


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    Hi chucky,
    I quite don't think that changing to geology would help. I think it might make things worse but everything will find its way.

    I forgot to mentio what I like about theme-parks. It depends on the park. If it is a park like Disneyland I don't care that much for the attractions but for the design. I could stand at a spot for over an hour with big eyes just enjoying how everything looks, which colors were used etc. . Some parks I visit just for the action because nobody cared for the design of the park.

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    Willkommen Bei ADISC Ank. Ich hoffe werden Sie hier mögen!

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    Hi Ank!

    I'm glad you still enjoy the theme parks I don't remember you saying "hoi" instead of "hi" though (sounds a bit Danish to me ). Didn't know you studied geoecology though - guess I haven't been keeping up enough lately. Makes me wonder if they do a submodule on the ecology of diapers in different parts of the world

    As for your quest to find out how "different a fetish is in different countries": I'm not sure it's a division made by country. At least I don't find very many differences here between people in, say the UK and the U.S., but a division made by the culture of the website. ADISC isn't much different from WB, but there's obviously other sites for adults that have a different culture and where you'd find people acting in a different way. So do take that into consideration.

    P.S. Chucky: She lives a litte too far south to say "Glück auf". There's not many miners left anyway to really use that term


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