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Thread: Has anyone ever tired these diapers?

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    Default Has anyone ever tired these diapers?

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried these kind of "baby" looking diapers from here.
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    No, but i wouldnt get thoes, youre are probably better off getting diaoer tapes, looks like what they did for the drsigns. Check out ABuniverse. They have better prints, by the wsy i havent tried any of theses sites

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    Its a Attends with printed tape on them, that is why they are not allowed to show the name on there site, but if you know the Attends brand you can clearly tell by the printing in the 6 tapes.
    Attends used to be a good diaper but I have heard bad things about them lately wich I have not comfermmed as I have not purchased or worn a Attends diaper in a few years.

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    On the top diaper's description it essentially says attends with a baby tape on the front. They are kind of cute products but you would be playing a massive premium to not just buy attends ( or something better) and apply tapes as the above person said.

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    Gawd!!! Those things are just Attends with cheesy diaper tapes on them. Hell, you can see the 'Attends' text on the tabs!

    I've seen better diaper tapes that were applied with better skill.

    Save your money for something better.

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    Don't buy from there, whatever you do. Go look at the thread Trever posted.

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    Yeah I was not going to buy from that site anyways. Looked so sketchy.

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    I think they need to take care of their site before offering products to take care of babies.

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    They where one of the early companies to make an AB diaper and I have ordered stuff from them in 2004. Now I would just go with super dry kids made by ABU.

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