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Thread: Which would you choose?

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    Default Which would you choose?

    If you could choose between having sex every day with a partner that you both love and are attracted to or having your diaper changed by that person every day, which would you choose? (If you couldn't have both obviously)

    I'm just a little curious because I for one am asexual with no desire whatsoever to have sex (though I do get turned on by diapers) and was wondering how others would rate their sexual experiences compared to indulgence in their fetish.

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    thats a hard one...... i would 90% have diaper (nappy) changed but 10% sex, everyoine need releif.

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    Option 2

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    To be honest both of those things sound horrible. The word that makes this so for me is everyday. While both of those things sound good the idea of doing one of them everyday is horrible. Having sex everyday sounds absolutely gross, and is quite honestly the lowest form of intimacy (you can have it with anybody). Being diapered everyday would be kind of creepy too, don't get me wrong I love being a TB but I also love my choice to choose when I want to act on those feelings.

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    Good point littlepacifiergirl. Taking that away, if you could have one or the other whenever you wanted which would you choose? To clarify, if you choose sex, then no being diapered ever and if you chooses diapers, then no sex ever.

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    Well then that does change things up a little bit. I'm going to have to choose sex, as a matter of function more than anything. I want to have children someday and while I'm ok with adoption, I'm aware that some people want, in some case insist on having children "of their own.". This is also an interesting question for me because I regard by TBism as asexual. Giving up diapers would suck but I'd still have my pacifier and little girl clothes so it wouldn't be too bad.

    Alright so I suppose somebody might also ask the scenario what would it be if you partner was willing to adopt. Well in that case and if my partner didn't want sex and enjoyed diapering me........ I'd choose the diapers. Honestly there are many other, much better, ways to express your love for someone then with sex.

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