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    Default Furry!

    I have found myself looking at the Babyfur/diaperfur section more often recently and I think I'm a furry. I have no idea about my fursona except that a lynx would be cool.

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    Well, that sounds like a good start ^^ I haven't ever run into another lynx, so kudos on the originality!

    That's really all you need to be a furry: a fursona. The commissions, fur-suits, animal pajamas...those are all nice accessories. However, they aren't required. It's all about how you feel inside.

    Do you have any more specific questions? I'd be happy to try and help!

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    You see that awsome fox right there ^^? He is a great help, when it comes to new furries. Don't be afraid to ask him anything about being a furry. 'ol OneEcho here has helped me a lot in the past.

    Hugglez and Cuddlez to you!

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    Well my imagination sucks, and i have always liked felines and I have a cat of my own so I thought that a rare cat would be cool so I decided for the lynx. I can't pay for the commissions bcause my card wont work on internet and I don't want to send money around the world and most artists wouldn't accept swedish money xD

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    my fursona is tigger because I'm born in the year of the tiger so I think fursonas could be based on your zodiac?

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