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Thread: Joy to the world!

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    Default Joy to the world!

    I'm so happy. I went shopping with my mum today (dont get the wrong idea, I dont enjoy clothes shopping with my mym, but I thought I'd allow it this once, because im kind. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that she was paying!). Well, she wanted to go in this shop, so I said I'd meet her back there in a while. Luckily, this shop was the completely oposite side to the shopping centre to the shop I wanted to go in. So, I make my merry way over to Boots, where I buy Pampers Baby Dry 6. Took me a while to find the right size, and had to wait a while in the checkout qeue but apart from that, all goes smoothly. So, I put them in my rucksack. Now, ordinarily my mum would ask what was in the rucksack. But I had been clever. It's my mums birthday quite soon, so I had asked her, on the way to the shopping centre, in the car, what she wanted. When we arrived at the shopping centre, and I had taken my rucksack out of the car, my mum had asked me why I was taking it. I told her 'becuase I might want to hide something from you'...which she presumed to mean her birthday present. And this is why my mum did not question what was in my bag when I met back up with her. short... I NOW HAVE NAPPIES! AND IM SOOO HAPPY . I now have the task of trying to squeeze in to size 6 (becuase we don't have size 7 here in the UK) nappies...which could itself take a rather long time. Will they fit me well? most doubtful...Do I care? No...BECAUSE I HAVE NAPPIES! YAY
    And to top it off, my parents are going out for the whole night!

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    Now, you've gotta go out and buy her an actual present now XD.

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    I hope they fit. From what I've heard they aren't exactly comfortable, even for skinny people.

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    Congrats. I hope you can squeeze into them. I know there's no hope for me even though I'm skinny (I think a 30-inch waist), I'm a little over six feet. Enjoy your new diapers.

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    Yay - Tom is happy in his nappy!

    Congrats on your purchase. However, now you gotta make sure you have a gift for your mom about the size of a diaper package!


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    Well done Tom, i told you it would pay off after a while. Have Fun!

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    Congrats on the diapers and nice thinking about the backpack and your mom's birthday.

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    You're really lucky, I got my first diapers when my parents moved my brother into college and were gone all day and I had to ride my bike about 2 miles

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    Congrats! Maybe you can tape them together or make some sort of modification. You could also line a pair of underwear with them if they don't fit. Enjoy the night.

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