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Thread: Just told my partner...

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    Default Just told my partner...

    That I am a DL, as I couldn't hold it back any more, and cant live my life as a lie.

    Absolutely gob smacked that she has no issue with this what so ever, and even encourages me to be life my life as I want too, and why should me wearing nappies getting in the way of our relationship!!!!

    Looks like I am going Nappy and Plastic Pants shopping this weekend then (Smiling very much)!!

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    U suck........I mean congratulations! I was accused of being a pedophile when I told my wife :/

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    Mine welcomes my honesty and isn't phased even with me wearing them in bed (Feel very lucky!)

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    that is a tremendous reaction Redbus, many congratulations! It really shows, if you have a strong relationship, it is quite likely that the other half will accept it. I mean, it is quite an innocent interest if you really think about it. When I went through that agonising confession last, the response was; "you do? oh. cute". And that was it. Shame she had to move away to the USA 4 months later...(where she is probably laughing about her weird ex-boyfriend! :P )

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    Good for you .I ve only told one other person (my current gf) but it went very well also. It sucked trying to tell her tho sooooooo nervous.

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    Congrats! I wish I could gather the courage to tell me BF. The thing that may differ from your story, is that I consider myself more a LG/DL. I love the role playing aspect, not just the DL part. So usually when you role play, you need someone else to reciprocate right? Well, I have a pretty darn good feeling my BF would not be interested in that.

    Are you planning on asking your GF to play with you/change you? Just curious. It's one thing if it's a "weird" thing you like to do by yourself but another when it drags someone else into it.

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    Congrats! I bet it all felt like a million tons of bricks worth of agony were lifted from you. My wife knows I wear diapers. However, currently she is not as accepting as you GF is to you. But, as long as I can wear from time to time I am just as happy!

    Congrats and enjoy!

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    Hooray! that's awesome! I didn't have to go through this agonizing process as my lady is the one who helped me find my quirk and fetish but I still feel somewhat weird that I'm as into it as I am. I don't think either of us were expecting that. I'm so glad this went well for you!

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    Nice one Redbus

    I did the same last month with a similar result. I was very nervous, but it worked out well in the end. My feeling is that if people really know you, and love you for who you are, this shouldn't be a problem. I hope you enjoy your spending spree as much as I did mine :P

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    Congratulations (to both of you)

    Telling someone is never an easy thing to do, but it's great to hear of situations where it has worked out well.

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