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    So this summer I bought a pack of underjams but the sides would rip at the seam after only about 15 minutes ( 'Im 5'10; 140 lb)

    I love the swelled up feeling they have, but in all other respects, the goodnites are better.
    Hence, I took the padding out of an underjam and stuffed pieces of it in the back of a GN because the padding is lacking in there anyway. I made one long, but narrow cut down the back all the way to the middle. Then i used packing tape to hold it together.( one lengthwise strip while the pullup was fully stretched)

    It worked Really really well. now I just need to figure out what concentration I want as well as if Im going to do any in the front.

    My one complaint is that the SAP crowded my testicals and one of them was abit sore for a minute or two after I took it off...

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    I've always wanted to try Underjams because I have Goodnites and I've heard that they are WAY softer and feel awesome. I will definitely not get them though because of the ripping issue that everyone has talked about. That is a great idea and I would love to try it, although it's a little crowded down there already :\

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