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Thread: wearing a diaper in public?!

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    Default wearing a diaper in public?!

    ok, I really want to wear a diaper in public, but im really nervous and cant get the confidence to actually do it, for the past 2 days I almost wore to work but chickened out right before going, I need a bit of confidence to do it, Im afraid that somebody will catch me, and I am pretty known in my town and friends with nearly everyone at work, how did you guys first go out in public? I only have Huggies Pull-ups and goodnites, I usually wear a pull-up with a goodnite over it, if I get caught, it be the end of me, because not only am I wearing diapers, im wearing the most babyish diapers a young adult could can I boost my confidence?

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    well first off its your choice but i wore to work today and it was awesome if you just wear the goodnites you should be sweat

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    what kind did you wear? So I should just wear the goodnites and not the pull-ups underneath it if I do? Did it feel babyish at all? idk why I am so afraid to do this

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    umm a tena flex, if you were both it will be bulky it will be anoying just the goodnite wont be to bad, it did and it didnt, it felt nice. and i dont know either why you are so afraid if you get seen just make an excuse say its a secret and they generally keep it to them selfs

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    I wear in public .. well every time i go out - remember that no one really knows what they're looking at ...

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    I sometimes wear in public but never at work, #1 all the girls i work with and meet for some reason like to grab my butt... Anyways, i wore dry24/7's today, it makes me very self concious, but i hide them by wearing my baseball jersey. Nice and long and baggy. If you want to wear something like others say ,GN's are good to start with. Then maybe try something a littly more bulky as you feel more comfortable.

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    Tena maxi these day are so thin that they're barely noticeable even when pretty wet...

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    If anyone asks you, just say that you lost a bet or that it was a dare. You'll get a lot more sympathy from that, and possibly some respect (in a wierd way, btw). Unfortunately, this will only work once, otherwise people will get suspicuous.

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    Since I'm always diapered it means I've worn in public a lot. No one has ever noticed as far as I'm aware, and if they have they haven't said anything about it. It gets easier very quickly after the first few times.

    Maybe wear boxers over your diaper for the first few times. That way in the unlikely even of you somehow ending up de-panted it'll just look like you're wearing regular underwear.

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    yes , if you dont like running outdoor exposed ? is easy to hide a diaper .
    with shorts or skirts and so far .. for both sexes no problem ..

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