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    Default Not really AB but...

    I don't really consider myself AB but I was wondering where I may find a good onesie? what places would you guys first go to? which brand is the best? any additional info is welcomed too.

    I'm definitively a DL but I believe I might like a onesie to sleep in. I think as for as type goes, the ones that button in the crotch may be the ones I like best not the footed type.

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    Ebay for the USA i think is best... there's been some great ones I've seen come and go - just shipping to the UK is prohibitive.

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    In the US definitely ebay, uk ebay is good to there are a lot abdl tailors in the Liverpool area that I have bought from with satisfaction, in the uk there is also an abdl friendly that produces onesies etc for disabled people and abdls, I think they are called racetts someone who knows their exact name please correct this.

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    Rackity's - but id be grateful of the details for your Liverpool people.

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    I ordered my favourite onesie from Fetware. It's plain coloured (so not really ABish) but it's really comfy and fits so well

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    I hear you about not really being an AB but.... Maybe I'm more of an ALK (adult little kid). I do like diapers like Cushies or Bambinos that look like baby or toddler diapers. If I could afford it I'd buy cotton training pants and plastic pants to wear with some shorts with a snap crotch. I want a "stealth onesie," one with a snap crotch hidden by my pants but not the snap shoulder so it looks like a regular shirt out in public.

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    Im kinda the sameway not really ab but interested in onesies .I got mine off its pretty good wish it was just a tad longer tho.The only bad thing about them is if you want a printed one you kunda have to call due to there swatches online not being up to date.Its like calling a random person and telling them hi im an adult baby.awkward.

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    Thanks guys. I like how (or at least this is what I believe because I've never owned a onesie) it presses the diaper up against your body. i'm not in a rush for it but I really want the snug feeling.

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    Racketys is the UK place thought the adult selection isn't so good. The kids stuff goes up pretty big though. 12-14yr fits me fine at 5' 7".

    If you're in US there must be plenty of disability places that do them. Look for Adaptive Clothing. I bought from some place in US many years ago but can't remember the name now.

    Or you can just go with AB stores but the ones for the disabled will be good quality and durable for heavy amounts of washing, maybe cheaper too.

    And yeah, the idea with them is to make a snug fit around the diaper to hold it in place. Less problems with a saggy diaper then, and also easy for changes.

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    If you want something a little mor customized, then check out I want to order something from there one day but I'm still growing.

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