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    hi, i'm no so good with introductions, but i'm a senior in high school and my hobbies are walking, reading, and games. i'm really quiet. anyway, i hope to make friends with similar interests.

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    Hello Welcome to the site and whatnot, I'm glad you finally made an introduction, hon. Lol.

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    As intros go that was a fair effort.

    What kinds of games do you like. Sports related, video games, board games?

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    video but some board games as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boredmat View Post
    video but some board games as well.
    you know, what? You're awesome. Also the nervousness of being part of a strange community will fade shortly, you'll realize that none of your friends will be able to find you here. Then you can open up a little more. So, tell us, what are the exact names of some of the games you like to play? What's your favorite book? and are you fairly psyched for the Hunger Games movie?

    Also if you want to talk in a place a little less permanent and more free flowing, I suggest using the irc chat, it'll help you get to know us a little better, and us to get to know you.

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    Hehe a senior in high school, i thought i was the only one whose abdl...hiding it has been a long, difficult journey..well anyways, got any stories you wanna share? -sits quietly- preferably light hearted and comfortable to share for you

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    Hi! Welcome. I was a shy person when it came to signing up here, but after a while if surfing this website and making a few friends, it was a lot of fun. You should be peachy-keen.

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    exact games? i play skyrim, fallout type games, and some chess and checkers. my book would be inheritance, and i have not heard of said hunger games.

    don't really have any stories for you all. sorry.

    and peachy-keen? o.O

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