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Thread: Hi, Im new to adisc.(Hope I'm doing this right.)

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    Smile Hi, Im new to adisc.(Hope I'm doing this right.)

    Hi, Im chris.

    I'm shy, quiet, and mysterious; at lest most people say so anyway.
    I love to listen to music, and talk with friends.
    I have dyslexia, so sorry if I mix up words and stuff. yes spell check helps with my spelling(yay, lol good thing too). But I still mix stuff up with out knowing and can go back and reread it and not even realize that its mixed up.

    Im new to this, AB(Tb)/DL stuff even if I have always seemed to like it.
    I dont really know what all else to say umm... Ask me, I think that would be easier for me. I sometimes have a hard time saying what Im thinking, and telling about my self...

    My other interest/likes are:
    I listen to classical, movie soundtrack's songs,and scores, Celtic, Breaking Benjamin, Within Temptation, Evanescence, 3Days Grace, Shinedown, Lifehouse. Just to name a few. I listen to alot of different music stuff. I dont like rap,hip hop, and the hard rock(acid, ect)

    I like to walk around outside in the woods, or build with legos and draw sometimes. I do write abit like short stories and poems. I usually dont share them because there kind of morbid and dark. But I have a few I can share if anyone is interested.

    I also like to play on my computer, like Age of Empire games, Command & Conquer, and I just got "Total War: Battle Pack" for Christmas its cool!
    I also play my DS; I usually play Fire Emblem, or Fire Emblem the sacred Stones on it.
    I Enjoy a good movie.
    Some of my favs are:
    The Lord of the Rings(all 3, and I cant wait to see the Hobbit)
    BraveHeart, The Eagle, Gladiator, King Arthur, Pirates of the Caribbean(first 3, the 4 kind of stunk) , August Rush, Disney's Fantasia, The Phantom of the Opera, The Princess Bride,...thats just a few lol

    As for TV well I dont watch alot. But I have a few Favs:
    SG-1, SG-Atlantis, FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist), Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Criminal Minds, Phineas & Ferb( I want a Parry the platypus!), and a few others...

    I love to draw even if I think im not to good at it, but i try.
    I am trying to learn to draw anthro,(for babyfur type stuff),anime, landscape type drawings. other then that I just doodle

    I am new to the site like I said, Was told about it by my new friends: wwetbed,& Pichu (Thank You!)

    I want to know more about being a AB(tb)/Dl and talk to others that have the same interests as me. I been hiding my TB/DL side for a vary long time because of a event I had in my life when I kind of hinted to my parents I liked Diapers(ect)...did not go well. But know I dont care(well I do but less so) and I want to know more and so I guess Im reaching out for help for want of understanding, friendship, support,...yea..well I hope I said what needed to be said. If you have any more questions that i did not answer please PM me.

    Baby Christopher

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    Wow, what a great introduction. I think just by being on this site you will learn a lot about being AB/DL and also about yourself. There's something about posting/writing, and telling things about yourself that you would never tell anyone else. It's like psychologically digging into yourself and finding some semblance of truth. I think it can be like receiving psychotherapy. At least it has been for me.

    I'm a classically trained musician, organ major from Westminster Choir College, so I like classical music. I also like new age, jazz, folk, and rock, as well as some world music. There's so much to explore in the music world.

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    Have to agree with dogboy, BabyChris (Hope I'm doing this right.), yours was a great intro - you should do quite well here.

    I have extremely eclectic musical tastes. I play numerous instruments. Check out this Electric Cello Musician: TakÚnobu TakÚnobu | Cellist, Singer, Composer | Nick Takenobu Ogawa I found this while searching BandCamp for indie/folk music. From your list of musicians/bands, I own an Evanescence CD. Her voice is haunting and absolutely amazing. I'll be looking up the rest of your list.

    Welcome to a new playground - ADISC! Enjoy your time here.

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    WOW! this is the best intro I have ever seen!
    I have a 3DS and recently downloaded a fire emblem game and I LOVE it! So much fun!

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    Hey Christopher, what a great introduction! By the way I AMA huge LOTR fan and can hardly wait for The Hobbit to come out in December of this year. Regarding TV, ever watching any of the new Battlestar Galactica? That is totally my favorite.

    Regarding your AB/DL side it sounds like you had a bad experience with your parents. How old we're you when you told them? What did they do/say? And, what about your preferences now? Do you wear often? Have you told anyone else? I'm sure you will find more than enough people to help you figure out your feelings on the subject, as well as people who have gone thru many of the same rejection and confusion.

    Hope so hear more from you.

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    Welcome to Adisc Baby Christopher!

    Im Little Hanah :], I used to be a very active member who left, but now I am very much back :]
    Its awesome to hear somebody else likes soundtracks like me! Im a big soundtrack fan =D in fact, Im one of those people who doesnt watch movies much, but knows all the soundtracks LOL. I remember once I was watching "Unstopable" and I yelled out HEY THATS THE SOUNDTRACK FROM MAN ON FIRE! loll xD Whats ur favorite soundtrack?


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    Welcome to you Chris. Great Intro and I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I am new here as well, and have just started wearing 24/7, but need some help on how to hide the bulk of nappies whilst in the office, so we all need some help !

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    I dont know how to play any instruments but that never stopped me from playing around on a piano and hitting keys. Its funny a few people that over heard me asked if I knew how to play. lol Id say "Nope, just hitting keys." and I would get the strangest looks like they think im lying

    @Diapered Rabbit
    If you like Evanescence I highly recommend you listen to Within Temptation. Also I heard a group called NightWish is also good and goes along with the styles of Evanscence, and Within Temptation.

    I was about. 8 when I hinted about it. It did not go well. my 6foot 5'' dad had into me with his leather belt, and got yelled at about it...
    So after that night, after the beating and such, i crawled to bed and cried my self to sleep. I vowed to keep it a secret. And I have. Iv only told 1 person that I liked diapers(ect). He is a close friend but I dont think he remembers, nor did I ever bring up the subject again.

    As of 2011 I started trying my hardest to get to know more about it and such. No one in my family or friends knows. Hope that answers your question feel free to PM me if you have more. Cute pic btw.

    my fav soundtrack ohhh hard question. umm I like Howard Shores LOTR soundtracks. Hans Zimmermans POTC,Gladiator. James Horners Braveheart. wow lol yea I like those the best but I have a few others I like to listen to depending on my mood.

    Thanks for the reply on my Intro
    ~Baby Christopher

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    Chris. I would love to PM you, however I'm guessing you don't have enough posts yet on ADISC to receive them (I think it requires 20 posts or something like that). If I'm wrong, then let me know. I feel so terrible for your experience when you were just 8 - how awful! I also told a friend one time and I certainly hope he forgot it, but I doubt it, but that was years ago and I don't really see him much anymore. So, are you actually wearing diapers again? Or just learning about the subject?

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    Yea I think your right, i need a few more posts.
    I actually willing told me friend, he is a vary close friend; and it was at a sleep over.
    It was dark and we where in bed, and We where just talking and eventually we started talking about our dark secrets,
    and about our lives. He told me his, and so I told him mine. He did not laugh or make fun about it. It was a few years ago.

    As to the diapers, I wear vary rarely because I cant get them often. I been trying my best to get some with out raising suspicions.
    and Im here to learn more about things. since even though I have liked diapers(ect) I never got to get into it tell now.

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