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Thread: This might be weird, but how do you...

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    Default This might be weird, but how do you...

    This may be weird, but how can you NOT get erections when diapered? I honestly don't see it as a sexual thing, I just like them.

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    if you don't see it as anything sexual, then explain the arousal.

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    Ever consider that they might be a sexual thing?

    Look, diapers are something that obviously turn you on. Erections just don't "come about" for any old reason (except in those sex-ed videos where kids just get random one's in the middle of class, what the hell was that about?)

    Anyway, the fact that you always get an erection when you diaper up shows that they do appeal to you in that manner. It doesn't matter what aspect of the diaper turns you on, the bottom line is that they just do.

    With that said, there's no "miracle cure" to prevent erections, no anti-stimulant, and nothing to stop them from coming about when the situation calls for it. I don't think anyone can tell you how to prevent getting them.

    If you find they are problematic when getting a diaper on, just relax and think about something else until it goes away. Or eventually, when you wear diapers for long enough, the appeal of them really dies off and ultimately means they don't really turn you on much in the first place. The only solution is time.

    God, I'd hate having to be a teacher and explaining this stuff to kids.

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    Pleasure yourself before hand and point down.

    A possibility for the arousal may not be because of an attraction, but for of having something soft rub against sensitive area's. I know I can't wear silk boxers for said reason. I don't have a silk fetish, for it's not something that occupies my fantasies, thoughts, etc, as diapers do. But having something soft rub against the naughty bits sure does cause obvious results.

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    I'm actually 20. Yes I know, I should know about that, but meh. My parents never really said nothing about it and I'm still a virgin. Haven't even had a girlfriend yet. Yes, my life is depressing.

    Nevermind about this.

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    just point it down, it will go away eventually

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    No.. don't point're going to have to find a hammer and some nails....In reality, welcome to the male club. I have found that once wet, equipment tends to shrink. Other than that however your stuck with biology. Besides, what's so bad about having an erection. It's like those Cialys commercials. If erection last for more than 4 hours, call a doctor. I always thought, If erection last for more than 4 hours, give yourself the luckiest man award lol. I used to get erections when I was in Algebra II class, which was the last period in the day. I hated algebra, but I liked going home and what was about to happen there!

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    I vote dogboy as one of our older members with the best posts.

    Don't point down while you have an erection, but point down before, you will still get one, but it might go away a bit faster. :p I point up anyway as you get more diaper that way, you get from the top of the front, all the way to the bottom of the back, if you point down, you get the bottom to the top of the back. Less, but you have to adjust if you want to use your diaper to the max.

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