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Thread: UnMarth and the conspiracy of the number 17

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    Wink UnMarth and the conspiracy of the number 17

    I was going to refrain from posting a Intro post as this site was new and didn't really wanted things to change rapidly again and having to make another intro thread for intro-ing sake!

    So hopefully all those old members than have transfered to the new site have made their re-intro. Seemed a little hectic at the time with a new topic every 10 mintues! or what seemed like it.

    So How did I introduced myself when i came to TBDL originally? Not 100% sure. But I do remember stating about that I came form TBN, another site like this and basically Copied my intro from there for the same intro for TBDL. But since that had poor grammar and spellings , as well as you lot have forgotten what it was about I thought I would give a nice clear summery of what it was about.

    I joined in June 07. Member number 2117, now member number 17 on ADISC. And I am born on Dec the 17th. I joined TBDL when i was 17. My Full name contains 17 Characters. On my computer network, my favorite server has An IP ending in 'x.x.x.170'. Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

    I first joined TBN about a year ago when I went and saw a specialist on immunology and allergies. To get my nutty feelings sorted out. I was questioned, then given a skin prick test. Which apparently some users have had and complained it was very irritating and itchy. It was for me. But I've been through worse and it didn't really bothered me. I do tend do have a high pain threshold, but it doesn't mean I do not feel small pains. So, as the Doctor saw my nice bright red arm with a few spots. Explained what it did etc... Anyway. It ended with that he had no real concerns about the Nut allergy being anything deadly on me. Which I pretty much agreed with, otherwise I would of sorted it out a lot earlier if the effects were much worse than just a burning mouth. I just thought nuts were spicy :P. Anyway, they did a blood test for the nut allergy as they were not willing to try it on my arm in case I did fall over and die. He said it would take a while for the results to come through though.

    2-3 Months past, I thought to myself, I haven't heard anything yet. I'm wondering to myself, surely they would have got back to me by now or something has screwed up. So went to see my GP. Looks like that they haven't heard anything either. They put these things into my medical file on a special computer system. They got the letter when I initially went and said blood results will come later. So they called His sectary and find out he is on holiday at the moment and a load of paper work and just come in. So hopefully the results from the Lab are in there. It seems I'll have to give it 2 months waiting limit to get the results. And just when I was about to give up on luck on getting the results, they came!

    Nothing serious as assumed, and it appears only Hazel Nut. Does anything to me. Which I suspect was the culprit as I can get away with most nuts. But really, Who enjoys a burning irritating mouth for a whole day? So I don't really risk it and find out. So now if you meet me in person you know how to do a prank on me if you feel evil! But you know I love you and I know you love me! :P So that won't happen.

    Anyway, after I got the results I joined TBDL. Again, seeing a pattern here? I don't really know to be honest. I just like to be in a hospital due to the clean smell and the repetitive procedures and the interesting intellectual conversations you can have with the nurses and doctors. Kinda of enjoy the attention too, kind of makes me feel special. But of course, I don't goto the doctors or the hospital that often. So it is an exciting special event for me. While others may dread it.

    Another reason is that we have had to travel to cities to I haven't really been to and I enjoy traveling to new places and discovering things. I am a very good Navigator, I just hate it when the Map is wrong. It does my head in! It confuses me and I lose confidence in knowing where I am going. And thats what I enjoy, is the sense that I am right! I am a very very good navigator .

    Recently I have been to a few university 'Open Days' And they involve traveling on the train. I have not been on a train in years. But this time I was on my own. Had to make two hops at two different stations. One of my trains got canceled due to a 'Train failure'. I think it means the train itself is broken be it engine or other mechanics. Went to the ticket office said, Oh just go on this train then switch at the next station. Which was cool, and made me remain calm I didn't want to get stranded.. Only to find people like me who switched over were going "Where is the train, Where is it!". That was a fun day.

    Not to mention that where I was suppose to get a bus in the city had a bus passing every 10 seconds! I thought I'll give up on that a get a taxi. He was a nice driver, drove me right onto the campus right outside the registration door. Which no bus would stop at :P.

    I think I'll stick to the smaller Cities Thank you.

    Feel free to ask any questions about me despite how random and crazy they may be.

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    Hmmm I do feel like I know you better. Interesting how you didn't so much say, these are my likes and dislikes, or list facts about you, but gave us stories that gave insight to your personality, the kind of person you are. I have the impression blogging would suit you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    I have the impression blogging would suit you...
    I did think about making a blog. But since it is in its early stages of development. I just wanted to make sure that blogs were for members only, or the 'Regulars'. Just so Google doesn't crawl it or any stranger could see it.

    Aswell as that, I do have another blog that keeps to a similar 'story mode'. But it is the fact that will I update it regularly? or Do I have anything interesting to say. I have been pretty much be visiting these forums every day and at least once a week in certain circumstances where I am cut from the internet. So I guess I can't see me forgetting about it that easily.

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