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Thread: Whats the easiest way to conceal a mess?

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    Default Whats the easiest way to conceal a mess?

    Like many others on this forum, I live at home, and I would like to know how I could hide me having a messy diaper and the cleanup of it too. Because I live with my parents, I can't mess my diaper when they are home to easy, so what is the easiest and fastest way I can clean up and hide it, along with the smell?

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    Aren't there some pills you can take to make poop not stink?

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    Easyest way to not make the house stink up is not to mess your diaper at home.
    Quickest way to clean up is to remove all your clothes includeing the soiled diaper and jump into a small creak or river and wash your self up.
    Best to waite until you are out on your own befor you start messing your diapers unless your parents already know you are into wearing diapers and useing them and are actualy helping you purchase your diapers.

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    I live at home with my parents and 5 year old sister in a room beside both of theirs. I just wait till they are all asleep then do my business then febreeze after and during you could light some candles to help reduce the smell. Then my family uses wet wipes for various reasons around the house to I just get some of those before hand and clean myself up the best I can. Then I wrap a towel around my lower half and go take a quick shower. Always dispose of the diaper right away I tie mine up in a garbage bag along with some other garbage and throw it in the dumpster by my house.

    So basically candles and fabreeze can hide the smell fairly well and a shower is the fastest way to clean up but wet wipes can work too.

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