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Thread: What is this world coming to.

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    Default What is this world coming to.

    Ok I had to wait a day or two before I could really post on this because it hit me so hard. The other day I was driving to work, and was passing a school that was letting out. This was a High school and all of the students seem to park down the street at the BJ's so not to have to pay me suppose. The point is there was a group of over 50 students walking down the street. I was going slowly because many of them were crossing the street with no care to the traffic. Though out of the corner of my eye I saw that one other the students was holding something under his oversized shirt.

    From here it all seems like a movie, moving in slow motion. I had an idea what it was though saw the teen walking by his friends and giving the "hey watch this' motion. Only to pull out a hand gun and point it "gangster style" at a boy walking in front of him.

    He fired twice at the boy. Once was in the leg and the boy fell to the ground. The second was at the fallen boys back, though I do not know were because by this point the teens are all running in and across the street to get away. I am doing my best to stay calm and not hit anyone. The gunner then ran across the street and into an apartment complex.

    As if this was not bad enough I, the shooting of one student by another, I pull into the parking lot that all the kids are pulling out of very quickly. I am trying to call 911 once I do so I wait for the police and Medic. The thing that made me angry is that There were other cars around me, and 3 school busses pulling out of the school. All saw what happened, though I was the only one of the 60+ people that was there to call 911.

    Kids around here are even able to have Cell phones in High School though I was the only person that thought that this event needed to be reported.

    The next day I was told that the boy that was shot was going to be ok, though they have not caught the shooter.

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    We all need a cool head in such situations, and I'm glad you are one

    I hope I will be one too when such a situation arises.

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    Thats why they need concealed carry permits is so people would be able to protect themselves in this screwed uip world

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    Holy ****ing Shit. You hear about it all the time, but never in your wildest dreams do you expect to witness such a thing with your own eyes. I sure hope they catch that little bastard and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Other than that, it just makes me incredibly glad that I live in country where there is insanely strict gun control. Even nowadays I feel confident that I can walk down the street and not get gunned down.

    But I'm certainly not going to point the finger here. Surely the media will get their grubby hands on it and spin it out of proportion, but I tend not to listen to that anymore. All I can say is, and I've felt this for a long time now, but if kids can get their hands on firearms and as a result there's been many incidents, then shouldn't there be a review of gun safety and regulation? That just seems like common sense and the logical thing to do. Put patriotism aside for a moment and consider your own damn well-being. Do you really trust other people that much?

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    Well gun controle asside, I have my own issues with that topic and I have pointed it out a number of times in other threads.

    I find the worst part of it that I was the only one that seemed to care, not the news only has a 30 sec blurb about it Once time at the 11 oclock news. I watched for 2 hours hoping to see somthing about it, they were far more interested in the rain and wearher of the day. THough I will be honest we did have flooding, though you would think a shooting just off school grounds of one student by another would at least be worth pointing out. Yet it seems we are all so worried about our selves that once people knew they were no longer in danger they went about their day.....

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    No one wants to 'get involved'. I'm glad I live in an area that is still small enough that people 'stop to help'.

    A couple years ago a small child (about 2 yrs) was bitten on the face/head by the family dog while his grandma was putting groceries in the back of the van. The grandma screamed and screamed...a man stopped his car in the middle of the roadway (into the shopping centre)...turned on his four-ways...leaped out of the car, grabbed the baby...screamed "CALL 911" and ran into the pharmacy section of the store. I gave another woman who I'd been talking cell phone (I didn't know how to call 911....I guess I was in shock)

    I never did hear how things turned out for the lil boy. I hope he didn't have any permanent scarring.

    Quote Originally Posted by codered View Post
    Thats why they need concealed carry permits is so people would be able to protect themselves in this screwed uip world
    THAT is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. What they NEED is metal detectors in schools so kids can't bring in guns/knives/etc!

    If every other kid had a gun, there would have been more blood shed...mass chaos...and people would have ended up DEAD!

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    I think there's something seriously f*cked up going on there. No one should consider it "cool" when their "friends" bring a gun to school and show it around. It should make everyone jump and run for help before that "friend" could do any harm. The same applies to any other weapons.

    But I think society as a whole is heading the in the direction of "see if I care?"...and pretty fast!
    Last year, two young adults beat up an old man in the Munich subway because he asked them to stop smoking (smoking is obviously not allowed). A few weeks ago they got sentenced to 15 and 8 years in prison, respectively, and they'll face eviction from this country once they get out. However, beats me what goes through people's head to try to kill someone because he dared to remind you of the no smoking rule.
    With the easy availability of guns, problems like that will probably be taken to the next level in the U.S., resulting in gun shooting rather than a fist fight. But as someone pointed out - this isn't the time to argue about guns.

    Personally, I think parents need to show more responsibility for their children and teach them morals. No metal detector or gun control law will stop anyone from being aggressive and hurting others if that person assigns to value to other people's lives or opinion. Respect doesn't fall from the sky - it has to be taught, and preferably right from birth, with constant reminders.


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    This is absolutly discusting; I'm happy the boy that was shot is ok. I blame two things on this. 1) Rap music and 2) the paretns. All I ever see now are rappers talking about shooting people and having sex, something really needs to be done. Then there's the parents, parents arn't watching there kids close enough. A good example of that is what I saw a few days ago.

    There was a story on the news a few days ago about a 16 yr old at an alternitive high school to give kids somewhat of a second chance and the boy planned to use a firedrill as a blueprint to acomplish something that would rival Calumbind. He even put a message on his MySpace page saying "I really really hate everyone at school and i'm going to do something about it but for real this time." Thankfuly students found out and the boy was arested before any of that could take place.

    When police looked through this house they found 28, yes 28 guns! When his parents were questioned they had no idea! I am just thankful that those kids told someone and stopped that from happening. It scares me that i'm seeing this now because its only going to get worse if something doesn't change and weather your a teen now or your an adult on here with kids they will end up paying the price.

    That is why when i'm a parent in the years to come I will be involved with my kids and will be sure to watch them but i'm not going to hang over their sholder all the time. I will raise them so they know what to do if an issue like this comes up.

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    That is not a pleasant story. It is truly sad that teenage violence has become quite the norm as of late and killings by teens are almost normal. It is simply horrible. I am glad to hear that you had the decency to stop and help, because that's decency that most of humanity seems to lack, especially when fear comes into play.

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    This world is made of fail, this is why it has no reason to exist any more. If you murder/shoot someone to be cool, you my friend, need to be killed, and removed from society.

    The kid that did the shooting was clearly an idiot, I believe we have established that. Personally, I think, I'm not sure, but I hope, in that situation, I would try to stop the person with the gun, I hate this life a bit, for some reason I can't seem to be motivated to do well in school, I can't seem to get any sexins, and I don't really know if I will ever make some sort of impact on society. Therefore, my life, doesn't really matter that much to me, I'm sure the ****tard with the gun had NO IDEA about it and didn't know much about it, and could probably be snuck up on and have the gun ripped out of his hands, I'm surprised everyone was too much of a pussy to do anything about it. After all aren't there more halfway suicidal people that want to do something with their life like me? Someone should have ripped his gun away from him and killed him instead. Poor kid that got shot, he was probably a cool guy. If you do a school shooting, you can't just kill everyone, just select people that you hate, innocent people that you don't hate have no reason to get bulleted.

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