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Thread: Ran into some money, and now into a wall. Help?

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    Default Ran into some money, and now into a wall. Help?

    Hey guys! So I was helping rid my house of all christmas decorations today and completely forgot that I was gifted a $50 American Express gift card! I can buy some diapers now!

    The only problem I'm running into is the delivery. I've gotten my NUK 5 and my footed sleepers delivered no problem, by allowing my mom to know I was receiving a personal package in the mail. She respected my privacy and never asked anything else. The only reason I told her that much was because she's unemployed and stays at home; along with my disabled cousin whom lives with us.

    Should I proceed the same way with the diapers? Just tell her I'm ordering something online and leave it at that? D; Help!

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    If she respected your privacy with one package, why would she not with another? Sounds like there's nothing to worry about.

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    I agree, with a caveat: she may wonder why you're having so many things delivered. But if they're sufficiently infrequent, and since she'll probably just think that you're ordering something with xmas money (and you are!), I don't see her changing her track record.

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    Than again she may want to see what you where so hell bent on spending your christmas money on.
    The choice is up to you as to what to do.

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    Okay, I re-thought this whole thing.. My mom is very understanding and let me do what ever the hell I wanted after I told her about my *B/DL side.. I wrote her this note on her facebook:

    Hey Mom, since I have a $50 gift card from christmas, I wanted to take advantage and order some "personal items of the adult diaper variety" online. I've literally been waiting my whole adult life for this.. I've done a ton of research and this brand is top of the line and affordable. The only reason I'm bothering to ask your permission is in case you need to sign for the package, you were previously informed of my purchase. I won't go ahead and order them until you respond, preferably online because this is between just you and I. (and of course these are a complete secret in the privacy of my own room like I promised before) I love you. :]<3

    I think she'll take it well... >____< Opinions?

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    Sounds like goodness to me, though I suspect "personal items" would have been enough of a hint. Your mom seems pretty easygoing about the whole thing. You're probably better off remaining open with her about it and letting it become obvious to her now much of a non-issue it is. Granted, this is coming from a totally in-the-closet DL, so weigh it accordingly!

    ...and good deal on the gift card. I love getting those!

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    Since you wrote her it sounds like a done deal. At least, assuming she's accepting, you can wear and not feel guilty. There's something to be said about that. Count yourself lucky that she is accepting. Mine wasn't.

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    Guys! Thank you so much for your help! She wrote back from the note saying: "You're more than welcome to buy what ever you please, as long as you can cover it. Your personal life is exactly that. If FedEx arrives at the door while you're not home, I'll sign for the package and leave it on your bed. Now get dressed, we're going shopping."

    IM ELATED!! <3 Can I hear SHOPPING SPREE!!

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    Glad it worked out so well for you! I usually use the "order and panic method" since even though my mom wouldn't go through my stuff I also have a sibling hellbent on going through every piece of mail that enters my house.

    Have fun!

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    Thats awesome im glad shes accepting of your interests .

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