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Thread: Can Pacifiers Cause Dry Socket???

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    Default Can Pacifiers Cause Dry Socket???

    Hey guys! I just got the nerve to go buy a pacifier (I grabbed the first 18+ package I could find and it turned to be a 2-in-one-package. SCORE!) I love sucking on it, but I'm a little worried...

    A little over two weeks ago, I got all 4 wisdom teeth out (the anesthetic drugs were awesome!). My recovery went great and I was eating hard foods in a couple days and I never had pain after the first few hours.

    My question is if sucking on my paci can cause dry socket. I know if you use straws, you can get it, and I figure it's the same oral process. Of course, they wouldn't include sucking on a pacifier on the no-no list, so I'm wondering if anyone could give me on advice if I should hold off on it or not?

    P.S. I thought pacifiers were the best and easiest AB thing to enjoy and hide from my college roommate.

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    I had my wisdom teeth out recently too. I would definitely ask your dentist to be positive, but if I were you, I would wait until all of your stitches are out of your mouth. At that point, your holes are all basically closed up and I'm sure you won't be in any risk.

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    I'd hold off, no point in risking anything. You've gone many years without a pacifier (presumably), what's a few more weeks?

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    I'd say definitely hold off.

    It's the pressure created by sucking that pulls the clot out (giving you dry socket) .. and if anything there is probably even more of that with a pacifier.

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    I would wait until your sockets have completely healed over. If just the sucking from a straw can impede healing (pull out clot), the pressure from sucking on a pacifier would be a risk. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I remember I definitely waited until the sockets had 100% healed. No point in taking the risk and trying to explain what happened if something goes wrong >.<

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    Yeah that's gotta be tempting . I was lucky enough to never have gotten dry socket but my brother did and he was out of school for days and he had to take really heavy painkillers....... still with all that he was in terrible pain all day, trust me you don't want to risk it.

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    Thanks guys! I think I'm gonna take your advice here. When is it fully healed though? Everything feels fine, but there are still indents. Do the indents go away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Thanks guys! I think I'm gonna take your advice here. When is it fully healed though? Everything feels fine, but there are still indents. Do the indents go away?
    I've had mine out for about four months, maybe a little longer, and
    my indents are slooooowly shrinking they're much smaller than they were.

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    Ouch - that is all I can say here - but yes avoid sucking - take meds as prescribed by your dentist and do not a lot else. I have all mine for now - having them out seems to be a very north american thing. We keep ours until there's a problem.

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