Hi, does anyone have any experience ordering from the major diaper brands around a size 38" waist? I'm looking to find a best diaper for me, but from what experiences I've had with different diapers and recently the best may be looking to be Depends Max... :O

As a teen I wore Abena medium, but from the last time I wore one to when I ordered a bunch of diapers again (spring 2009) I had grown a lot in the waist. Having been introduced to Bambino by someone else and through a size medium, I went with the large size... and it fit rather awkwardly, but useable.

I'm almost out of my supply of my pack of Bambinos (not ordering again, I don't like what's happened to them) and I don't know where to turn. Mediums are small on me, but larges have too much give and wind up not being snug and tight as I like them. (My main problem with mediums is being that I'm on the upper end of most mediums' sizing, any with tapes that aren't strong enough are gonna pop off. Also... I find it not very babyish to have to wear a diaper where the tapes only barely come around the side and not into the middle of the diaper!)

I also got the Bellissimo sizing pack, of which I've yet to try on the medium, but the next best time I'd have to really wear it like I'd like to would be a week from this saturday. (I'm otherwise likely going to be looking at ordering samples to see how they fit moreso than how they perform... on that note, I remember Dry 24/7 as being HUGE on me and not having any wicking capabilities at all, the urine just pooling at the bottom and not even climbing up to fill the whole front of the diaper. Has that changed at all?)

Look forward to hearing replies; thinking about the ABU 12 pack of samples. (Oh, I also read an article that compared bambino quadros to abri-form let booters; anyone else chip in their thoughts? I also got a sample of the Quadros, and it's the only thing I'd likely be buying from Bambino again~)