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Thread: i think i found someone by me

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    Default i think i found someone by me

    i recently found out that someone by me likes diapers the entire ab seen i stumbled upon her on a abdl site and she has her real pic and name cuz ive seen her on my fb a couple times cuz shes friends with one of my friends on there which is coincidentally my best female friend idk how good of friends they are but i dont think she uses the site still. i guess my question is. should i not try to find her on fb and message or just see if she messages me back on there. idk im just really confused and like anxious i guess u could say lol if anyone could help that would be awesome

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    Thats pretty lucky Crinkleboy! Whenever I take a look at the gallery I hope to see a familiar face,no luck thus far. I personally would send her a message, I think its worth a shot!

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    However you message her, try to be tactful - don't come off as one of those internet creeps that our commonality so often is plagued with.

    An idea that could work is try to become friends with her first, then "pop the question" of was that you I saw on an abdl website or not. (This is, of course, providing that you don't already know her - I kind of had a hard time telling if you already knew her or not.) Also, on that note, on more than on occasion I've run across a certain picture where the pose makes the person look like someone I know - but it's only from that angle, a passing de ja vu. (To put it another way, double check you really think it is her in that picture/pictures.)

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    You could give it a try..
    But what do you expect from it to happen? I mean, are you looking for a relationship? Cause you can give it a try like that... but don't forget the ab/dl-thing usually isn't the only thing you need for a relationship But yeah, you can give it a try, maybe try fishing out from your female friend what kind of person she is?

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    she is 100 percent the same person but idk how i would become friends without telling my friend and how would i know about her

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    Quote Originally Posted by crinkleboy93 View Post
    she is 100 percent the same person but idk how i would become friends without telling my friend and how would i know about her
    You can say you saw a picture of her and found her interesting? Or that you think you know her from a place, but you're not sure where so you can ask what kind of stuffs she does?

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    im really at least just lookin for a friend if anything else happens thats cool idk im just not good with talking to girls lol

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    you're lucky to know someone by you who is a DL, I wish I could meet someone I know in real life with a TB lifestyle

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    You definitely don't want to come off as creepy. really don't know how you could go about communicating with this person. If you blatantly tell her that you found a picture of her online, she probably will feel threatened. I don't know what else to say. I will probably add more to this when I learn more about the scenario.


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