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Thread: naming my adipose plushie :)

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    Default naming my adipose plushie :)

    For christmas i got an Adipose plushy. I like him very much, and although i never cared about plushys before, i have been cuddling up with him every night. But he needs a name bad. Any ideas?

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    Well, let's think Doctor Who here...


    Doctor's actor's names.



    -River (River Song)
    -Melody (Melody Pond, AKA River Song)
    -John (John Smith, 10th Doc's fake name)

    No like you have to name him/her after something DW related, but I thought I'd suggest.

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    iv got an adipose plushy too, hes called adi lol.
    John smith has been the doctors fake name since his first incarnation in 1963. (played by wiliam hartnall) i am a massive Doctor who fan.

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    Ehh, what's an adipose plushy? (I want to get some more plushies myself... would otherwise be themed plushies though, like pokemon or I recall seeing a Heartless plushy I'd love to get...)

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