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Thread: We finally have snow!!!

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    Default We finally have snow!!!

    Now I am not a fan of snow, but it's been a weird weather pattern this year for where I live- Northeast Ohio and we're finally getting our first significant snowfall. Thus far, I think we have four inches on the ground.

    Anyone else have a late snowfall this year?


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    Yes I live near Buffalo we haven't gotten like any snow until now . I don't like a whole lot but a little is nice.

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    We just got our first dusting today here in Eastern Ky. Calling for more tonight but who knows

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    I don't know if this hurts men much, but fill your diapers with snow for a bitter harsh sensation.


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    Where I'm at, we got a couple feet of snow through October and into early November, then really nothing significant since then.

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    We got a few flurries today WildtTing. It wasn't much but it's a beginning. We finally had instituted a 2 hour late for our school system, so I'm hoping we'll get some snow.

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    Colorado is still waiting for the big snows we usually have by this time of year. We had wind over 100 MPH this week. Near Winter Park the wind was 125 mph. Not good for skiing.

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    Yeah, that is unusual about Colorado- Usually Denver's gotten nailed by several feet of snow from what I see on TV and I bet that has to be unusual for you all. It's weird to me to see snow arrive after New Year's. Before New Year's, we'd had like maybe a dusting, sprinking of snow but not anything significant until now.

    Weird year for weather... I just hope we'll have better weather for softball this year. I coach first-base for a softball team and I LOVE it! It was weird last year, we had late snow in March that was significant and it's not usually like that around here.


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    I live in Victoria BC and we usually don't get snow till mid February.

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    i want snow :'(

    I'm in soggy England, the only snow I've seen this winter has been on the TV.

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