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Thread: A little help :)

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    Default A little help :)

    So i'm getting ready to start walking/running/working out because i'm fat, tired and embarrassed to go out in public looking the way i do. The problem is i'm not a very motivated person and self pity isn't enough to keep me going.

    So here's what i'm thinking, I've gotten my alarm setup for the morning now, and i'm wondering is it a good idea or healthy to roll straight out of bed and hit the treadmill for a 3mile/1hr walk (starting light) before having any sort of breakfast? just get up, grab a water and start walking/running?

    In the past I've tried to put my walk/run about mid day, after I've had my coffee, breakfast, sports center. But like i said, i'm unmotivated and would lose interest once my ass formed tot he couch and i started playing my games If anyone has any thoughts on this, or reasons why this is a good idea or bad idea it would be very very much appreciated.

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    You could set a goal, like a certain distance to run in the year.

    That's how my dad does it; he set a goal of 600 miles for 2011, we said he was insane, but he did it. He says it keeps him motivated if he has something to work towards, it gives him a way to do better than he did the last time, to beat himself.

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    I hear first thing in the morning is always a good way to do it, although I've never really done it myself as I am not much of a morning person. You should probably eat a fruit or something about 20 minutes before though so you get some carbs in your system and you won't have that empty feeling in your stomach.

    As for motivation, Nike says it best: just do it. There is no way around it if you don't have the motivation but if you just get up and do it, you will feel the reward afterwards. You just keep at it and don't give up and the results will become your motivation.

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    Starting light is a good idea. It's healthy and good to start right after you wake up, in fact I find that when I have breakfast it makes me tired and gives me cramps when working out early. If you're treadmill has intervals or other settings I would suggest doing something like 5min walking 5min running off and on, it keeps you way more motivated and less boring. If you're looking to lose weight you should also look at diet plans (if you have money I know a lot of people that have had success with weight watchers). Hope it works out well!

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    Setting a mile goal sounds like a pretty good idea, I'd probably do it on a month by month basis. As far as a diet, we (Mom & I) are starting the Atkins diet this coming Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of it but everyone in my family who has done it, had pretty good results. And i'll take your advice RawryCub. grabbing a quick fruit to get rid of the hungry feeling and probably kick start my metabolism.

    Thanks guys!!

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    I did something similar to this about a year and a half ago. I would wake up and immediately get on a stationary bike for an hour every day. 3-4 times a week I would also walk 5 plus miles in the afternoon and my diet consisted of 6 small meals throughout the day(snacks constituted a meal). After a month I had actually gained weight because I was building more muscle and muscle weighs more then fat. I got a bit disheartened with that and put my dieting and exercise on hold when I went on vacation with my family and never picked it up again when the vacation was over.

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    I'm with everyone above... 3 miles won't hurt you at all. I walk to work, which is two miles away... takes me about 30 minutes depending on the shoes I wear. Then I eat breakfast at work. As for food, I embraced my inner-dorkdom and created an Excel spreadsheet / graphs to track miles walked, sit-ups, weight, and foods eaten in comparison to the food pyramid. Congrats, RD80. You will feel better. Make sure you're accountable to yourself. This has always been the best motivator to me.

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    I love to walk, I used to walk everywhere when i lived in the big city's, just to be outdoors, but since I've moved to B.F.E and stuck at home I just let myself go and balloon out

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    3 miles isn't near enough to deplete your glycogen stores (that takes 90 minutes or more of race pace effort), so "to eat or not to eat" becomes a matter of digestive comfort. Some people get nauseous or lightheaded if they bounce out of bed and go running without taking on a little fuel. When I do the early morning thing, I generally chug down a quart of water and go. I don't bother with eating unless I plan to go more than 8 miles. You'll need to experiment a little to see what works for you.

    The real advantage to doing it first thing is that you get it out of the way before anything else interrupts. If you do miss the morning run, you have a chance to make it up later in the day. You don't get that opportunity if your plan is late afternoon or evening.

    The truly obsessed do it two or three times a day.

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    I'm going to say you shouldn't just go without breakfast. its an important meal despite what others might say. maybe have something like a nuturegrain bar (not sure if you have them in US but basic fruity oat bar that tastes good and pritty good for you) just to have something in you to keep you going. eating something big would prob not end well for anything over 2miles if your just starting

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