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    So i made a post about going to get a sleep study done (at the request of my doctor) over a year and a half ago (Found Here)

    i did get some good information from that post however, i have a few more questions and would like more feedback from others experiences,

    1. So one of my questions was my appointment is at 8pm, however i usually go to sleep at about 2am so im i going to have to go to sleep asap?
    2. also, i get out of work about a hour earlier, and the place is about a hr from my work. do they normally have somewhere private to change and maybe shower? (would of asked the person on the phone but they she seemed to be a temp, and didnt really know too much)
    3. lastly, what happens when your done? do they wake you up and kick you out, do they let you sleep til your done...

    Please feel free to share your experience, or the procedure when you went

    PS: i know i should of maybe scheduled at a better time however i put this off for a year and a half because of my work schedule, i finally have a window to do it and have to take advantage, i begged them to give me an appointment for that date so they had to put me in a kids room (they said only difference is the decor). Also, i tried to have the other thread i made re-opened however i was told just to make a new one and link to it.

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    I've had two sleep studies, both done at a local hospital.

    The hospital has rooms for about 5 people per night. Everybody is supposed to arrive at 8:00 PM. After you arrive, you are put in a private room and told to get dressed for bed. There are facilities for taking a shower if you want to. About 9:00, they come around and hook you up to all the wires. Then at about 10:00 PM, it's lights out for everybody. I also don't normally go to bed until after midnight, but they have a routine and you have to adapt. They get you up and send you on your way home about 6:00 AM.

    My big problem is that I simply can't sleep all wired up. I've had the study done twice and was unable to sleep at all both times. In case you're wondering, I wore my diaper to bed both times. I'm incontinent and wear 24/7/365. That was not a problem. I just couldn't sleep.

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    My sleep study is coming up soon. What happens if you wet you diaper and soak the bed? Even though I plan to wear Abena M4 with boosters I am worried. Do you get them to unhook you if you need to change?

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    Hi Renee:

    You seem a bit young for a sleep study level of apnea but if thats the diagnosis get it done soonest. You wont enjoy your diapers if you are in for a heart attack or stroke.
    Having said that, I was sent for a sleep study and the staff at the hosp. centre where they were done were really sensitive and treated me with an amazing level of kindness. I have moderate apnea and only need mid level c-pap therapy. The resperalogist whom i consulted with after the test said that highly elevated blood pressures , heart attacks and strokes.

    Now Im not a doctor and i can only repeat what i was told but apnea is something to be taken seriously

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    The bed at the sleep study centre where I went had a plastic-covered mattress. In other words, it was essentially a hospital bed. My diaper did not in fact leak. But if it had, it wouldn't have been a big deal.

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    The sleep study is for a few reasons, mostly because my doctor believes i have restless leg syndrome. Right now my main worry is that i wont be able to sleep at all. Im usually lucky to get about 8-20 hrs of sleep a week, and usually cant sleep at all when im in a new environment.


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    My study is at one of the best hospitals in the world known for the new science that transforms life. I just completed all the early paperwork and they want to know every detail of how you function.

    Genito-urinary is a main section and you get to give them all the details of Bedwetting and Frequent urination.
    They will know I wear diapers.

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    I had a new sleep study done last year and it wasn't any big deal. There should be a private place for you to change. When I got to mine, I took in my diaper bag, went to the room they had setup for me and did the intake paper work. After that, the tech left and said for me to get ready for bed and then they would be in to hook up all the wires. I put on some gym shorts over my diaper and a t-shirt. I even put down my own pad down under the blankets before they came in and hooked up the wires.

    They will want you to try to get to sleep as soon as possible so that they can get good readings. I too have sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. The best thing I can tell you is to just do your best to get some sleep with all the wires connected and don't worry about having to wear your diaper. You will be dealing with medical professionals that I know have seen it before.

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