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Thread: Any girls/women in the UK that like nappies?

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    Default Any girls/women in the UK that like nappies?

    Any girls/women in the UK that like nappies? Jw

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    Hi. Yes, I'm in UK and wear nappies.

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    Of course there are, but you might scare them away if you chase after them too hard.

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    Hi JW,

    there are quite a few actually. The problem is, the ratio of men:women who are into this is really quite ridiculous (not in our favour), so it is always going to be quite tough to actually get together with one. Although I must say absolutely possibly, as I succeeded.

    I would say, try to meet a cool girl, and then see if she would be willing to play. AGain, I had more luck with that option.

    All the best!

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