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Thread: Favorite Position to mess in?

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    Default Favorite Position to mess in?

    I'm getting the courage to mess in my diaper but was wondering what everyone's favorite postion was? I thought maybe sitting in a chair or squatting? What does everyone else think? I'm using an M4 strapped very tightly and put on while squatting for extra tightness.

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    well,my favorite is sitting,but with my knees up in a curled-like position.
    Like this...Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stock-photo-country-girl-sitting-on-hay-bails-curled-up-with-her-boots-on-555808.jpg 
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    (NOTE! THIS IS NOT ME! but its pretty hot!)

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    I like to change it up usually ._. something different every few times.

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    chair is hard because you really have to go in order for it to come out.
    i've done it standing, sitting, but i think lying down on my side might be my favorite.

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    I look to hold it so when I mess it comes out in what ever position im in when it needs to come out

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    I'm like idkartist & DeathcoreFTW, i mainly do squatting or sitting with my knees up in a sitting fetal position.

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    I like to poop while standing but slight bend in the waist and with the upper body leaning forward. But I also like to do it lying down.

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    Lying on my stomach or while walking around. Make sure you fasten your diaper correctly so that there is a "poo pouch" in the seat for it to go.

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    I don't really like messing but occasionally when the mood strikes me... Have tried standing squatting and lying down knees up. Think I might try sitting with knees up the next time I do whenever that might be.

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