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    Today I wore a diaper to work today! It was just Depends Underwear pullup but it still was a big leap for me. Yesterday i decided i wanted to buy some of the pullup underwear since they are not as noticable as the Abenas and Dry 24/7 which I have and worn in public but would never wear to work. I work at Mcdonalds so i was up and moving but it didn't cause problems and since its so thin I'm pretty sure not noticable. The only scare was when one of the High school jocks slapped my butt to say good job but he didn't notice it. and for the last 20 mins of my 7hr shift while i was doing breakfast stock which involves going in the freezer and cooler which always makes me have to pee, I wet it a but made sure not to leak since i know its not very good in capacity. One thing that surprised me was it was gray which i liked much better than the white ones i had when i first bought diapers more than a year ago. I really want to wear a real diaper to work so I want to wear a Depends Maximum fitted diaper because they are thin but I'm affraid it will bulge to much. But anyway i just wanted to share my excitement!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed. Depends is bad enough the pull ups are worse. If you get tempted to wet don't wet those.

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    Congratulations on this milestone for you. I am sure it was very exciting and unnerving all at the same time. I am surprised that wearing a diaper in the kitchen area around all those heat sources like the grill and deep fryer, that you didn't feel all sweaty. As far as wearing an actual diaper to work, Are you able to wear baggy pants? I assume you have to adhere to a particular uniform guideline. But can you find a pair of pants that are within those guidelines that are a loose fitting enough to accommodate a diaper?

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    it was a little bit warmer but not bad. im thinking an actual diaper would make make me notice. i was also in drive thru so i didn't notice it then. my work pants are a small bit baggy but not overly so im not sure if it would show or not.

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