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Thread: What is this 'cold wet feeling'?

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    Default What is this 'cold wet feeling'?

    I read about many bed wetters waking up wet in the morning and being 'cold'. I understand that sheets could get this way, but I've never been cold in the morning waking up with an absolutely Sodden nappy! Is it just for cloth diapers? I wear disposable and it's usually just stuck to my botty, not cold?

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    My diapers don't get cold at all, not even when wet. So long as I'm alive, that is. And if I'm dead...who cares?

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    Well if I wet the bed without a diaper ....or leak real bad with one... I will only find it cold if I have moved from the wettness and then roll back onto it , as long as I stay in one place it is so nice and wrm and comfy

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    My diapers don't get cold at all, not even when wet. So long as I'm alive, that is. And if I'm dead...who cares?
    Maybe the descriptions of waking up cold and wet are more relevant in cold climates anyway and probably have something to do with memories form earlier years - in my case I was raised in a house without central heating or heating in the bedrooms or double glazing - waking up in a wet bed when there was ice on the inside of the window panes was definitely cold!

    But guys in California wouldn't have had the same experience.

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    I've been a bed wetter for a long time. For me the cold wet feeling is when the diaper leaks. After moving, the urine cools off, and when you roll back on to the wet spot it feels cold (and obviously wet). For me, it is a very unpleasant feeling. Now that my partner is staying with me more, I have to be extra careful to not leak and wake him up.

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    You know, I've wondered about this myself. I've never done any bedwetting (that I can remember) or unprotected wettings; I've only ever wetted in a diaper, and I've never had a cold feeling. I do make sure to try and change out of a wet diaper in under a few hours to avoid a rash, so maybe I've just never been in one long enough? Or maybe the diaper itself has some sort of way of avoiding this?

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    I was a bedwetter till about 16, and yes, every morning I wet was a very cold and unpleasant one. I also did not wear diapers and did not discover Goodnites until after I stopped, but used a good old plastic sheet. Trust me, it will get very cold and uncomfortable no matter what state you live in.

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    Same for cloth, so long as wetting is contained Iím not a bit cold in the morning. For me diapers totally eliminate the discomfort of bed-wetting, some mornings I have to check to be sure.

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    It's really not cold until you sit in it for a while. If you wake up during it all you feel is the warmth. Still not fun.

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    It is the wet bed and sheets that feel real cold when wet. If you diaper up with the better brands and use booster pads with plastic pants you should not have to deal with a cold feeling

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