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    So today I got off work and went to the store. I bought some diapers and snuck them in to my bedroom. Dad was home so I had to hurry to my room. Well I got a shower and put one on, and put on some feety pajamas. I feel great. I wet just a little bit ago and I must say it is even better than I thought. I wasn't sure before if I would enjoy it or not but I really do.
    I bought the store brand, and got the pull up type. They fit well and are really comfy. I am trying to decide how often to wear to now. I can't decide!

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    You can wear as often as you can, or as you wish, depending on your situation. My advice is to wear like three or less a week, so you don't get tired of it really often. Don't rush or take it as crazy or it will go bad. You don't have to use an entire package in one single day, and just buy when needed, not when wanted.

    Also take everything easy, so you don't get stuck into the binge-purge cycle.

    All the best:

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    Careful if they are pull-ups. They don't often hold more than one mild wetting. I found that out the hard way, even with a top name brand. (Tena, none the less.)

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    You do what your hart desires, everybody has different situations, me I wear everyday, I put one on in the morning, and wear it untill it leaks.

    I always wear footed pajamas to bed but rarely wear a diaper with them, so you do whatever makes you happy, I know I do.

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    Remember that you also have to dispose of them, so if you wet a lot, and accumulate, they will smell unless you can safely dispose. Otherwise, enjoy, enjoy! I know I do.

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    I'm confused by your post, did you wear in the shower? Because thats a hellova waste! ...wait... ...nevermind... You didnt.

    What store are they from?

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    A problem I've noticed with pullups is that they will smell if you are forced to store them. You can't tape them closed like a diaper, so the inner part is exposed to the air. You'd be better off buying diapers(they're cheaper on average than pullups anyway. I usually buy pullups just for variety's sake).

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    Just enjoy the diaper ! If you would like to put one on, put it on

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