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    i was woundering wat type i should get i got a wal-mart about a 20min bike ride from where i live and the last and only time i got diapers they were depends and god they suck i was woundering wat type i should get,i like the tape ones that tape up liek baby diapers^_^ thanks.

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    Think back to that first time, and try to remember - exactly what KIND of Depends did you get? Did you just grab the first package that said Depends on it from the shelf? More likely than not, you either grabbed the depends pull-ups or "adjustable underwear" - you want the fitted briefs, Overnight maximum absorbancy (when it comes to Depends at least)

    In my experience, those depends are the best you're likely to come across in big stores like Wal-Mart; you may get lucky and find a place with Attends, but that's about the best you can hope for.

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    yeah it was the adjustable breifs omg they sucked lol thanks for the help*

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    Depends just suck, any of the diapers at walmart will work better if while your there you pick up a pack of tena guards, this doubles the diapers performance, and turn a OK diaper in to a good diaper, and makes a great diaper even better.

    I have been useing the Assurance brand and with that gard, they are decent, without there just another store diaper. if you don't know how much to trust them you need to experiment so you won't be left with a wet spot at the wrong time.

    Good luck and get your rear to walmart and get some diapers and pads. LOL

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    Well depends might be the best diapers Walmart has. If you are not going to get depends, defiantly do not get any store or generic brands. Like walmart barnd diapers. Try looking for Attends, they could possibly carry them because Attends do ship to some stores I know. Also what kind of depends did you try, pull up or tape on, and if they are tape on, what kind?

    If you have not tried "Maximum Absorbancy Depends Fitted Briefs" (size medium or small make sure you check the size in inches) then try those, they are their most absorbant, which hold about 14 ounces which is decent, specially for a teen, which I assume you are a teen, since your riding your bike.

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    eclipse lol thats funny yeah im a teen i hate when the bike part of when im talking or puting somthing on a forum gives it away lol jk,and they were the pull with the adjustable straps the ones just under the maximum absorbency if u go to the depend site and look at the products it the one at the bottom on the left side.

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    Oh yes, their adjustable underwear, I never tried those. The only ones I tried were the ones on the bottom right hand side and the ones above that. They both leaked for me most of the time and they are the most absorbant products they have, but its better than makeshift or store brand. If you ar forced to get depends again because most likely it will be the best thing they have, then get the ones on the bottom right hand side, the maxium absorbancy briefs, they will be sligtly better. Just try not to pee too fast and they should absorb better.

    Let us know your results of your trip!
    Good luck!

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    Ohnestly I think the Depends fitted maximum protection is going to be the best you are going to get at walmart. However also try picking up the Depends Boost inserts. These are booster pads and they increase the absorbancy of the diaper and you can use more than one if you wish. As far as the attends go, don't waist your time as from my experience they don't even hold as much as the Depends diapers. Well I hope this helps you.

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