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    When I was a kid I regularly wet the bed most nights. I wore diapers until I was nine years old. Starting in cloth ones with plastic pants, before moving on to early disposable, the ones with removable pads and press stud plastic pants. Once I became too big for the diapers I just wore pants under my pj's and had a rubber sheet on my bed. I had to get used to waking up in wet sheets. My wetting got less as I reached my teens and by the time I was 15 I was only wetting about once a month or so. When I went to college i did have some accidents, but these were all related to drinking too much alcohol. I thought that I had stopped being a bedwetter, however in my late thirties when I was ill I started to have accidents in bed again. Now I wet most nights and I am back in diapers. My question is was I always a bedwetter who just wet less as time went on and then it increased again. Or did I stop being a bedwetter when I was a kid and start again as an adult. To bed a bedwetter do you need to wet every nights, most nights, any nights. If I only wet my bed once a year would I still be a bedwetter?

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    You were probably never really out of the woods, but you had some degree of control. Now, not so much.

    And no, if you wet the bed once a year, you're not a bedwetter. That would be a freak accident, more likely.

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    Why not stick to a simple definition - if your bed is regularly wet from your pee, then I guess the label sticks. If you are dry 99% of the time you are not much different to a large proportion of the population who would be ashamed of accidents but wouldn't call themselves "bed wetters". If you wear diapers and the bed is still dry in the morning you are not a "bedwetter" but someone who has an incontinence problem and has taken appropriate steps not to be a "bed wettter" and who need not have the slightest feeling of shame because you have acted appropriately.

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    Leakage is any amount in your bed could be defined as bed wetting. Leakage in your diaper is wetting the bed in a diaper. Am I close?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Leakage is any amount in your bed could be defined as bed wetting. Leakage in your diaper is wetting the bed in a diaper. Am I close?
    Technically leakage is loss of control while trying to keep yourself from voiding to an extent while maintaining some control, which can't technically happen if you're sleeping, because you would be closing your sphincters unconsciously.

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    I call people who void in their sleep bed wetters whether it's a diaper that get's wet or not.

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    Interesting question, in my mind a bedwetter is someone who wets in their sleep (with or without diapers) several times per year.

    And from the National Association For Continence:
    "Nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, refers to the involuntary passage of urine during sleep. The frequency of wetting that is necessary to be considered enuretic varies among authors. The American Psychiatric Association defines enuresis as wetting two or more times per week for at least three consecutive months in children over the age of five. The World Health Organization defines enuresis as wetting twice per month (under 7 years) or once per month (over 7 years)."

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    I was a regular bedwetter until my late teens (about twice a week). Now that I'm in my twenties I wet the bed infrequently, maybe once a month or so, unless I take sleeping pills or get a little drunk. If that happens it's almost guaranteed I'll wet. I have also wondered if wetting the bed once a month or so (without sleeping pills or being drunk) still counts as being a bedwetter or not.

    I would say that if you're wetting most nights, I'd consider that being a bedwetter. If you spent a long period of time being dry you might suffer from secondary enuresis. It's not very common, but it does happen.

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