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Thread: Footed Sleeper

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    Hello, Anyone know where to get a footed sleeper with a zipper all the way to the ankle? Thanks

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    yeah they sell them in cloths shops u probly have primark in the usa i not sure becouse im from england but at primark they sell them for around about 15+
    i whould now i wear them alot hope i helped

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    The sleepers at Target (there are Targets in Florida, probably?) go all the way to the ankle. Unfortunately, the sleepers are sized for children/teens or rather short/thin adults, so they might not fit. They have them in the boys' and girls' sections and the sleepers go up to XL.

    Many common U.S. retail stores (Shopko, WalMart, Target) now have footed sleepers in the womens' pajama section, but none of the zippers I've seen go all the way to the ankle.

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    Thanks for the replies, I have checked at target and they are to small. All the ones I have seen at the online shops don't seem to have the full length zipper.

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    Childrens Place has an adult sleeper that the zipper goes down to mid-thigh on. And last time I checked it was insanely cheap (and cheaper if you add the coupon code) See here

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    There are people on Ebay who do custom orders although to be honest some of them are a bit expensive.
    But from my experience you do get what you pay for.

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    Privatina's footed sleepers have a zipper all the way down.

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