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Thread: 5 minutes with high school you.

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    Default 5 minutes with high school you.

    I had a dream last night, it was insane. It ranged from my ex girlfriend and I getting married, to Justin Bieber shooting me with poison darts from his TRON-esque Lamborghini. I have some weird dreams :P

    Thats not the part that inspired this thread though.

    During one part of the dream, i was walking through a high school (Nothing like the one i actually went to). It was my last day, and we in some sort of time machine thing as a reward for completing the year. We went pack to our first day of high school, and were allowed to go and find our very first classroom, where we would find ourselves sitting in or first class at the age of 12.

    In my dream, with my 5 minutes, i gave Little Snaps a hug, and told him everything would work out and be okay. I also warned him about a few things that would happen, such as stuff in my personal life (I warned him about the diaper thing! :P).

    However, i left out the fact that i was gay, and a few other things too. I didn't want to worry him, or make him feel odd in his day to day life.

    I ended with telling him "Snaps, I love you. a lot of people do. It might be hard to see that at times, and occasionally, you'll get sad. But i promise you, it all gets better." Then i gave him another hug, and i had tears streaming down my face.

    So, Onto my question.

    If you got to go back in time and had 5 minutes with yourself on the first day of high school, what would you do?

    Would you tell them everything? Why? Why not?

    Would you even talk to them?

    What would you tell them?

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    My talk would be short and sweet, I would say "When they come along, invest everything you have in ' IBM ', ' Apple ', and ' Microsoft '. Hold each one for five years, then sell. Take half of the millions you make and diversify your investments. Take the other half and buy gold."

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    Well, I would only be going back about two years. In America, most freshmen in high school are 14-15.

    To be honest, there wouldn't be a whole lot I could warn myself about or tell myself about at the time. My first year in high school was, without a doubt, the best year of my life (and the last good one I've had ). I was socially active, had excellent friends, was getting more and more into writing (my passion), and was very, very happy with my life. I was elated with who I was and this was the first year in a long time that I was truly free from my depression. This was also the same year I discovered who I was (TB/DL) and accepted it. Fun fact: this was also the year I discovered ADISC and became an active member. So there would not be a whole lot I could warn myself about.

    It would be a lot more beneficial to my mental health if I could visit my first year of middle school. I was a depressed, messed up, horrible kid that was more depressed than ever before. I was THE (not one of, but THE) most hated kid in my school with only about 4 friends. I was bullied and picked on every day. I was making poor grades and was constantly in trouble at home. My parents were still trying to sort out my anti-depressants. I was closer than ever to suicide than ever before. I hated life. It was truly hell. How I would love to go back in time and tell myself to hang in there. I'd love to tell myself how great the next year would be. I would love to tell myself that this year goes by fast and that I do not need to worry what people think of me. I would hug myself and tell myself that things will get better and that this year only makes me stronger. Life is hard, but the last few years of middle school and high school go so swell.

    I'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me or anything; I'm well off now. But yeah.

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    I wouldn't tell myself anything specific. Too many insignificant and lucky events came together to give me the happiness and life I have now. If possible in the context of this scenario I could give my old self something without affecting the timeline, I would let him know that the diaper thing is just fine and is not a step towards pedophilia (Honestly used to eat me up thinking the 2 were somehow linked.) I'd also probably give myself a high-five and let him know that life gets instantly better after highschool, and awesome after 24. It hasn't gotten any less awesome since then either.

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